Kelly Ripa worries that she shares too much about her kids after London trip

Kelly Ripa on the red carpet
Kelly Ripa is worried that she shares too much about her children on the show. Pic credit: ©

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos took a minivacation after a long week of filming LIVE with Kelly and Mark in Las Vegas.

Kelly and Mark shared during their host chat that they went straight to London from Las Vegas to check in on one of their three kids.

Lola, their only daughter, moved to London last fall, and Mark and Kelly visit as often as possible. The close-knit family spends as much time together as they can.

Kelly expressed a concern as she and Mark shared details about their trip to London. Kelly loves to post photos on Instagram, and as she said on the show, she loves to bore everyone with them.

But she was aware that sharing too much or the wrong photo would upset her kids, so she had to double-check with Mark before she did.

Kelly sat down at the host table with a huge stack of photos from the weekend but hesitated before she shared them.

Kelly asked Mark which photos she could share of Lola

Kelly and Mark loved talking about their weekend in London. As reported by Monsters and Critics, they shared pictures from inside their cab that Kelly posted on her Instagram Reels.

The ordinarily confident Kelly took a breath and said, “I don’t know which pictures to show.” She lifted several options, and Mark indicated a certain one was fine.

Kelly then said she worries about sharing too much about her kids and said, “You never know what is going to aggravate the kids, so I’m going to show you pictures, and hopefully, she’s not watching.”

She shared a photo of Lola similar to the one she posted on her Instagram Reels.

Kelly Ripa shared a photo of her daughter Lola on Instagram
Kelly Ripa shared a photo of Lola on Instagram but worried she may aggravate the kids. Pic credit: @kellyripa/Instagram

Hopefully, Lola won’t get too upset over the sharing.

Kelly Ripa consoles Linsey Davis after her wardrobe malfunction

Linsey Davis dropped by the show to take a break from ABC World News Tonight and talk about running a marathon and her new book, Girls of the World.

But she broke her heel as she was walking out. It was a costly Louis Vuitton shoe stuck in an escalator leading to the stage.

Kelly took the time to share her escalator story when she was nursing Lola. She was at an event, and the train to her dress got caught in the escalator. It wasn’t enjoyable, and people had to be evacuated. It sounded like a mess.

Kelly couldn’t believe that hitting the stop button would cause such a scene as the emergency crew rescued her.

LIVE with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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