Kelly Ripa unrecognizable after full transformation into Calaca costume

Kelly Ripa on Live with Kelly and Mark
Kelly Ripa from Live with Kelly and Mark. Pic credit: ABC

Halloween is always a favorite time for Kelly Ripa and her show, Live with Kelly and Mark.

She showcases it every year with elaborate costumes and fun activities.

Halloween is so important that she even shared a photo of herself and Ryan Seacrest in costume when he left the show. She called it one of her favorite moments.

Today, the host chat was full of Halloween news and pictures.

Kelly and her husband, Mark Consuelos, were excited to share more news about their weekend party on Live’s Countdown to Halloween, as it is officially called.

Mark was very excited and exclaimed, “It’s almost here- Halloween!”

Kelly and Mark go all out for Halloween this year

Kelly and Mark went to a special Halloween party Saturday night, The Once Upon a Hulaween 2023 party which benefits the New York Restoration Project.

Mark happened to present an award at the Once Upon a Hulaween 2023 gala, and the couple were dressed to the nines in fabulous matching costumes.

Kelly took to Instagram to showcase the couple’s costumes.

The caption reads, “Once Upon A Hulaween 2023 Congratulations to @BruceBozzi on your #GreenGodAward.”

The video goes into the great depths that Kelly had to go to get all decked out as a Calaca.

The Day of the Dead is celebrated around this time every year and includes both Calaca (skeleton) and Calavera (skull).

Kelly described how intense her costume makeup was for her to endure, “I got it! What did I get? I got glitter!”

Kelly went on to say that her glitter eye makeup and her black glitter lipstick were still spewing glitter everywhere even after five showers.

Calling glitter the “herpes of the craft world,” Kelly said, “If you have it, you have it forever!”

Kelly’s fans on social media love the drastic change

Immediately after sharing the pics on Instagram, hundreds of fans flocked to share their thoughts.

Instagram fans of Kelly Ripa share their feelings on her costume
Pic Credit:

Once user,, shared, “She understood the assignment!”

Another, @lopezrn weighed in, “Omggg that’s The Best Costume EVER!!!! Ya’ll look FANTASTIC!!”

Then @kyle_abraham_original_recipe said, “Yaaas! Love love love it!!!”

Celebrity friend like Caroline Rhea ,also had to compliment Kelly, @carolinerhea4real “Gorgeous!!”

Mark admitted to having panic dreams over all of this Halloween frenzy. This year is his first time as a permanent fixture in the co-host hot seat.

Sure, he has been on the show in costume before, but this is his place now. Luckily he is doing an amazing job.

Even though Mark was worried the job could ruin his marriage, Kelly has assured him that she even has anxiety and panics occasionally.

Live with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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