Kelly Ripa snaps at audience member during Live

Kelly Ripa on the red carpet
Kelly Ripa accuses and audience member of “gaslighting” her. Pic credit: ©

Even celebrities sometimes experience the concept of gaslighting, though it’s not always that serious.

On Tuesday’s show of Live with Kelly and Mark, Kelly Ripa had a moment where she told a fan in the audience to “stop gaslighting me!”

Kelly and Mark were talking about the Powerball drawing on Monday — which they unfortunately did not win.

During the discussion, they began to ponder the next drawing, prompting Kelly to ask, “When is it? Wednesday?”

Someone from the audience responded, “No, tomorrow night.”

Kelly stopped and said, “It is tomorrow? Right? Which is Wednesday. I said Wednesday, and the lady said, ‘No, tomorrow,’ which is Wednesday,” she joked. “Stop gaslighting me!”

Mark and the crowd laughed in response, clearly making sure that her joke was just that, a joke and not an accurate indication that the audience member was trying to manipulate Kelly psychologically.

Kelly Ripa jokes that Mark Consuelos gaslights her

This isn’t the first time Kelly has made a joke about being gaslit in recent weeks.

During a September episode, she blasted her husband, Mark, for “gaslighting” her during an argument on air.

Kelly was discussing how she sleeps closest to the door, and Mark added that he used to sleep on the right side of the bed but then switched to the left, to which Kelly disagreed.

“What is happening here is lying,” she told Mark, as she insisted that Mark had never been on the right side of the bed.

“Is this gaslighting?” Kelly joked, earning a few chuckles from her apparently favorite buzzword.

To settle their disagreement, Mark suggested that they switch back, and Kelly agreed. Plus, Mark teased how the media would portray their argument in the news.

“Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripa fight over whose side of the bed, major news! Click click click click,” he joked.

Mark laughed, “He puts his foot down, finally!”

Kelly sipped her drink as she responded, “Yes, because poor Mark has never gotten his way.”

Kelly Ripa and Mark Conuelos recently faced heat

The celebrity couple recently faced some backlash from fans when they shared a fun weekend spent with their son at the University of Michigan.

Kelly shared via Instagram that they went to a football game and even included a picture from the game.

However, that picture earned some backlash, as some viewers were upset that the couple was in an expensive stadium box rather than regular seats.

The comments were quickly gone through, and most disagreements were deleted, though some commenters still believed that they should have donated their seats to an athlete’s parents.

Live with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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