Kelly Ripa shares rare photos of Lola Consuelos for International Women’s Day

Lola Consuelos, Kelly Ripa's daughter
Kelly Ripa shared photos of Lola Consuelos for International Women’s Day. Pic credit: @kellyripa/Instagram

Kelly Ripa took time out of her busy preparations for next week’s After the Oscars Show on Live with Kelly and Mark to show love for her only daughter, Lola Consuelos.

Kelly and Mark Consuelos, her husband, are in Los Angeles getting ready for what could be their biggest week of the year ratings-wise.

The show, which will air from the Dolby Theatre, is a draw for both the audience, who can sit in the same seats as the Oscars stars, and the viewers at home, who get a glimpse of Hollywood glamour.

Still, Kelly wanted to celebrate Lola on International Women’s Day, the day that is set aside to honor women and to inspire inclusion.

Kelly is always Lola’s most prominent champion. As reported by Monsters and Critics, Kelly has previously shared photos of Lola on National Daughters Day.

Kelly captioned her Instagram post, “Celebrating my favorite international woman, Lola Consuelos 🤍 @theyoungestyung #InternationalWomensDay.”

Lola is Kelly’s ‘favorite international woman’

It is fitting that Kelly would highlight her daughter for International Women’s Day.

Kelly told People her thoughts on Lola’s generation, “For all the talk about women helping other women, I see it in her generation in a way I never have before.”

Still, Kelly has been hard-hit this past fall and winter because Lola moved to London to further her musical career.

According to Mark and Kelly’s stories on LIVE, Lola thrives in London. The couple had just returned from a quick trip to see Lola, and Kelly’s biggest complaint was that Lola did not quickly acquire a British accent.

Kelly and Mark’s other children, Joaquin and Michael, stay closer to home than their international sister.

Joaquin is studying at the University of Michigan and is on the wrestling team. Mom and Dad get to see him more often than they do Lola. They seem to be popping over to Michigan for a quick weekend constantly.

Their oldest son, Michael, works for Bravo on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Winter House, and Summer House.

One fan shared something special on Instagram

Kelly’s post garnered lots of love for Lola on social media. However, one fan shared something you do not see every day.

In the middle of several posts about how beautiful and inspiring Lola is, one particular fan shared a memory of Kelly and Lola.

This fan said, “I remember helping deliver that beauty! Hand up and ready to slay the world!”

Fans of Kelly Ripa post about Lola Consuelos on Instagram
Kelly Ripa fans post about Lola on her Instagram. Pic credit: @kellyripa/Instagram

What a great memory for someone to share on Kelly’s Instagram. Only time will tell if Kelly responds and corroborates the story.

Live with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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