Kelly Ripa rants about Live fans who come at her in social media comments

Kelly Ripa on Live with Kelly and Mark
Kelly Ripa talks about her fans on Live with Kelly and Mark. Pic credit: ABC

Kelly Ripa is not one to shy away from criticism. Earlier this year, when Kelly’s husband, Mark Consuelos, joined her in the host seat permanently, fans were not happy.

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, the couple were “roasted” by show fans. Complaints were all over Instagram and X, formerly known as Twitter.

Kelly was accused of talking over her husband too much, and they were both thought to talk too much about themselves.

The couple held their ground, and fans have grown to love the banter they share each morning in the host chat.

Kelly has had harsh words for fans when she feels they cross the line. Recently, Kyle Richards was on the show talking about her marriage to Mauricio Umansky.

Kyle shared that fans were disappointed that their marriage may not last. Kelly publicly shamed the fans, saying, “It’s not about you.”

Kelly tries to head off fan’s negative comments

This time, Kelly told fans on social media beforehand not to bother trying to shame her.

The Live with Kelly and Mark segment was about movie theaters. Now that the actor’s strike is over, there will be more movie offerings.

Longer movies made in Hollywood lead to theaters having intermissions, and theaters love that idea. This is presumably to sell more snacks and sodas.

Mark asked Kelly, “What’s your favorite snack?

“I love Dots and buttered popcorn,” Kelly replied. Then went on to say, “And I don’t want to hear it.” She raised her hands and repeated it.

“I don’t want to hear about how I’m supposed to put it; what are the chocolate-covered peanuts called?” she asked. A crew worker told her, “Goobers.”

Then Kelly said she didn’t want to be told to put the Goobers and Raisinets together in the popcorn. This is a popular thing to do at the theaters and home.

She, however, likes her popcorn separate from her candy.

“Because I’m going to get at’d all day on Instagram. ‘You should really try.’ Shh. Shh,” Kelly said, having none of it at all.

“You put your Goobers in your popcorn, and Godspeed,” Kelly told everyone.

“These are my snacks,” Kelly reminded her fans. “My snacks aren’t about your preference.”

Not all the exciting news makes it to the host chat in Live with Kelly and Mark

Kelly and Mark recently had Rita Wilson, wife to Tom Hanks, on the show, and it got out that they had run into each other in Greece during the summer.

They spoke of eating together, and Kelly told everyone that she is 4 percent Greek, which she learned by doing her DNA testing.

Live with Kelly and Mark posted the segment on Twitter, and Rita Wilson retweeted it.

A couple of fans shared their opinions.
Fans of Live with Kelly and Mark on X
Pic credit: @SeanMcNamara6/5xs_the_density/X

The user @SeanMcNamara6 said, “Love Rita!!!” Another @5xs_the_density shared, “So interesting. Surprised none of this made it to a HostChat segment right after the trip.”

Kelly and Mark do not seem to share everything with their Live audience. They do hold some things back.

Live with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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