Kelly Ripa flirts with The Golden Bachelor’s Gerry Turner in front of Mark Consuelos

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Kelly Ripa explained her husband’s recent absence from Live to the audience and viewers. Pic credit: © zz/John Nacion/StarMaxWorldwide

Recently on Live with Kelly and Mark, the lead host herself, Kelly Ripa had the opportunity to interview The Golden Bachelor’s Gerry Turner.

Gerry greeted Kelly Ripa and her real-life husband and co-host Mark Consuelos amidst a round of applause from the in-studio audience.

The first Golden Bachelor lead strode in confidently after a warm welcoming introduction by Mark Consuelos. While hugging Kelly and shaking Mark’s hand, Gerry exclaimed, “Wow! This is so awesome!!”

As soon as they were all seated, Kelly got personal with Gerry, remarking, “Now Gerry, I’m going to just say it — Why?”

Then, leaning in towards the fit and good-looking Gerry Turner, she asked if he had ever thought of going on Naked and Afraid.

Gerry, of course, blew that suggestion off. This caused Kelly Ripa to blush and take a breath just to say, “Don’t knock it till you try it.”

This whole interaction took place in front of Kelly’s long-time husband, Mark Consuelos. They have been married 27 years but have only recently become the named hosts of Live with Kelly and Mark together.

A visibly flustered Mark made mention of Gerry’s 72 years of age while trying to ask a question about the age of the female contestants.

Kelly had to put her hand on Marks and finish asking, “Are the women in this show the same age as the women in the regular?”

Age keeps coming up when talking about The Golden Bachelor

Gerry, commenting to Kelly and Mark, said that he felt the older ladies were more attuned to his age and mentality. He is 72 and the ladies featured in the show The Golden Bachelor range from 60-75.

Kelly’s flirtatious nature was evident in this interview despite the fact that nothing would ever come of this interaction with Gerry. The youngest woman he would date would need to be at least sixty years of age and also live within 60 miles of him. There is no time to waste when you are 72 of course.

Sunny Hostin from The View wasn’t happy with the premiere and the demeanor of the ladies involved. She said on the show she helps to co-host, The View, that she was “horrified.” So, of course, age questions will continue to be asked.

What is next on the Golden Bachelor?

Kelly and Mark had a productive interview with Gerry, sharing a great many details about The Golden Bachelor. Will he find love?

We do know that Patty James was eliminated at the first rose ceremony and Faith got the first impression rose. We also learned some The Golden Bachelor spoilers, thanks to Reality Steve, and we know who makes it to hometown dates and also learned the final two.

So far, the woman who won Gerry Turner’s heart has not been revealed.

Live with Kelly & Mark airs weekdays at 9/8c on ABC.

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Marcella Ann White
Marcella Ann White
9 months ago

I totally agree with most of these comments–Disperate, I think is a good word for the actions of most of these women– But the real fact is– Keep good morals and be yourself– and Then He can see what he is falling in love with-And feel proud-Also, 60’s and 70’s are not the only ones who desire to have love and a companion– You don’t lose all your feelings just because your birthday crosses over to 80–And you can still be a beautiful lady inside and out–The heart is what really matters–