Kelly Ripa and Jesse Palmer tease The Golden Bachelorette and whether it’s happening

Kelly Ripa and Jesse Palmer at different functions.
Kelly Ripa and Jesse Palmer tease The Golden Bachelorette. Pic credit: ©

The Bachelor has been around in several variations since 2002. It is so popular that it keeps sprouting into a spin-off series.

Jesse Palmer, the host of The Golden Bachelor, stopped by Live with Kelly and Mark today.

Once a Bachelor contestant himself, he is now the franchise’s official host.

Today, he was extolling the virtues of Gerry Turner, the Bachelor on The Golden Bachelor, calling him compelling and speaking about his emotional maturity.

Kelly also enjoys him, noting that Gerry is “such a sweet man,” even though she thinks he uses the “love word” too often.

The latest variation, The Golden Bachelor, is such a hit that they are talking about renewing it for another season, and people are already calling for a different variation.

Kelly asks Jesse if he thinks there will be a Golden Bachelorette

Jesse said that the contestants on The Golden Bachelor are “really easy to root for,” citing their maturity, wisdom, and even grandchildren all as reasons.

Kelly asked him, “Can you see there being a Golden Bachelorette?” “I hope so,” was Jesse’s quick answer.

“I love that idea,” Mark added. “Wouldn’t it be great? I think there should be,” Jesse looked at the audience clapping and agreeing, then said, “Right!”

Jesse brought up how he feels that there are several women on the show right now who would be great Golden Bachelorettes.

As reported on Monsters and Critics, fans all have opinions on who would be great contestants.

Then Jesse said, “I’m literally sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to get the news if, in fact, that’s going to happen.” Since he hosts the other Bachelor shows, it makes sense that he would be the first person the network would call once they green-light the spin-off.

There is a lot of uproar over The Golden Bachelorette, and many people want it to happen; the powers who decide things should listen.

Gerry Turner has set himself up for trouble in the finale

On Live with Kelly and Mark, they discussed that Gerry told two women he loves them, setting up for an emotional finale. The two ladies are Leslie Fhima and Theresa Nist. One of them will be disappointed in the ending.

The Golden Bachelor X, formerly known as Twitter, account shared a picture of Jesse Palmer and Gerry Turner.

Fans weighed in on who should win amongst the ladies and how much they love The Golden Bachelor.
Fans of The Golden Bachelor on X.
Fans of The Golden Bachelor on X. Pic credit: @lindseyrockey/@Jmood17/@justme2you.@Opa_opa_yall/@Petracutri/X

User @lindseyrockey said, “I think Leslie should be the one.” while @Jmood17 likes both of the ladies.

So does @justme2you say in part, “Both ladies are beautiful…”

User Opa_opa_yall said, “Great season, just what the franchise needed! Real people actually trying to find love.”

User @Peetracutri summed it up beautifully, “Ah, The Golden Bachelor-where roses are scarce, drama’s abundant, and the quest for love is a scandalous, yet addictive novel.”

The finale will indeed be filled with emotions, tears, and maybe a bit of love. Viewers cannot wait to see if there will be a season 2 of The Golden Bachelor and if The Golden Bachelorette is on the horizon.

Live with Kelly & Mark airs weekdays at 9/8c on ABC.

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