Kelly Ripa admits to being ‘pretty dead inside’ as she reveals why she doesn’t cry often

Kelly Ripa at a random event.
Kelly Ripa revealed that she feels ‘pretty dead inside’ on Live with Kelly and Mark. Pic credit: ©

Did Kelly Ripa admit her real feelings toward hosting a morning talk show?

The show was prerecorded again, but the host chat was new, and fans of the show had not heard these feelings before now.

Fans are used to her saying she is ready to retire, and her saying something as simple as “This is it” sparks more rumors.

Today on Live with Kelly and Mark, it seemed exactly like she was telling everyone she was almost finished with hosting when she confessed something to Mark.

It all started when Mark read a study that claimed modern men are just as likely as women to show their sensitive side.

The host chat between the couple turned from being sensitive to crying and how often they cry, and Kelly admitted that she hasn’t “cried in a while.”

Kelly feels ‘dead inside’ and ‘pretty cut off’

Kelly made some startling revelations during the host chat that make one wonder if she is really ready to retire since she feels this way.

After Kelly said, she hadn’t cried in a while, sometimes alone in the shower or with her face in a pillow. Then she said she felt “pretty cut off” and “pretty dead inside” on the show today.

She and her husband had a massive laugh after she said it. Kelly also admitted how she feels about people who offer their opinions.

“Hosting a live talk show will do that to a girl. You just realize that people have thoughts and opinions that they want to share with you all the time.”

Kelly also shared how she deals with it all, “You cut it off, it’s all dead inside.”

When will the next new Live with Kelly and Mark air on ABC?

This week, the first of the new year, show fans have been waiting for new episodes to air. The week between Christmas and New Year was all reruns and fillers for Live with Kelly and Mark.

So far, that hasn’t happened at all. They have been recorded with new segments added to them.

Kelly and Mark have been on vacation for a while now, and fans are excited to hear how they spent their holiday. The couple seems to be vacationing on a beach somewhere in a now-deleted reel from Kelly’s Instagram account.

Fans hope that tomorrow there will be a new episode and everyone can catch up on the travels of Kelly and Mark.

Live with Kelly and Mark airs weekdays on ABC.

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