Kelly Henderson: Who is Kristin Cavallari’s former best friend and Very Cavallari star?

WhWho is Kristin Cavallari's former best friend Kelly Henderson.
Kristin and Kelly are no longer speaking. Pic credit: E!

Season 3 of Very Cavallari kicks off with friendship drama between Kristin Cavallari and her one-time best friend, Kelly Henderson. It is Kristin’s show, but Kelly played a big part in the first two seasons. Now, it appears the once close friendship is on the rocks.

In a teaser clip for the upcoming season of the E! reality TV show, Kristin tells her husband, Jay Cutler, that Kelly has not been there for her recently. She also informs her husband that she and Kelly are not talking at all.

Kristin’s good friend, Justin Anderson, has a sit-down with Kelly to find out what the deal is between the two ladies. Kelly grows defensive — making the chat more of a heated talk.

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Fans got a hint that trouble was brewing with Kelly and Kristin during the Very Merry Cavallari Christmas special that aired in December. Their fallout will be front and center during Season 3. Kristin told E! News that she feels the show is an “accurate portrayal” of what happened between her and Kelly.

The former The Hills star did not spill if she and her one-time bestie are still on the outs or if they made up. Those who want answers are going to have to watch Very Cavallari.

Who is Kelly Henderson, besides the sidekick of Kristin? Viewers know that Kelly has been unlucky in love, but that she desperately wants to get married and have kids. She was considered one of the few people that Kristin let into her inner circle. The two often met for lunch to chat, drink, and laugh.

When Kelly wasn’t starring on the E! reality TV show and hanging with the Uncommon James CEO, she has dabbled in various businesses. She got her start in PR and media, but Kelly has also tried her hand at being a lifestyle blogger, podcast host, makeup artist, hairstylist, and wardrobe director.

Working as a makeup artist and stylist, Kelly built up quite the elite clientele. She has worked with country music stars Dierks Bentley, Jason Aldean, and Luke Bryan in the past. Kelly also did a stint styling for the TV show Nashville, alongside star Sam Palladio.

She still works as a stylist, which keeps her extremely busy.

Kelly also runs her lifestyle blog, Velvet’s Edge, which features lifestyle advice, travel, fitness, and health tips. The website morphed into more than Kelly ever dreamed it would. She credits her Louisiana upbringing for helping her create a lifestyle brand that benefits everyone.

Although fans of Very Cavallari only know Kelly Henderson as Kristin Cavallari’s best friend, she has a whole business, a brand, and famous friends outside of the Laguna Beach alum. However, that doesn’t mean Kelly hasn’t gained fame from starring alongside Kristin on the E! show.

Very Cavallari airs Thursdays at 9/8c on E!

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