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XX: Is MBC hinting Yoon Nana (Hani) and Lee Roo-Mi (Hwang Seung-Eon) will be in a lesbian relationship? International K-Drama fans hope so

Hani and Hwang Seung-Eon posing for XX promotion
Hani and Hwang Seung-Eon pose for a promotional picture for their web drama, XX. Pic credit: Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC)/Naver/V Live

Out of all the K-dramas currently airing during the last leg of the Winter season, the one that seems to have a dark and sexy vibe is XX.

Starring Hani of popular K-pop girl group EXID and Hwang Seung-Eon, the series itself gives off an ambiance of being dark and sultry.

To be honest, this ambiance is perfect for XX. The K-drama is mostly set in a dark, speakeasy-style bar while the plot centers on revenge against infidelity.

The most intense emotions shown in XX are between Yoon Nana (Hani) and Lee Roo-Mi (Hwang Seung-Eon). Previously, it was believed their relationship was more than just best friends.

That has already been debunked through the progression of the story. However, that same intensity between the two remains.

The fact there is this intense connection between Yoon Nana and Lee Roo-Mi, the same one that made many believe their relationship was more than just friends before, brings up an intriguing question.

Is the K-drama going in a direction that Yoon Nana and Lee Roo-Mi will become a lesbian couple? Apparently, a lot of international fans, especially Americans, are hoping so.

Yoon Nana and Lee Roo-Mi’s intense relationship foreshadows the possibility

The possibility of Yoon Nana and Lee Roo-Mi being a lesbian couple can easily be seen throughout their intense relationship. We will start with the fact that their strong feelings for each other have not subsided since they parted ways five years ago.

From the beginning, we know that Yoon Nana’s boyfriend, Seo Tae-Hyun (Shin Jae-Hwi), cheated on her with Lee Roo-Mi.

At the time, the two girls were best friends, so when Nana walked in on both Tae-Hyun and Roo-Mi, it was far worse than just her boyfriend cheating on her with some other girl.

Five years later, Yoon Nana and Lee Roo-Mi still have strong feelings for each other. This time, however, those feelings are more on the lines of disdain, anguish, possibly angst and hatred.

For most people, such feelings would have subsided over the years, especially if they don’t keep in contact.

If such feelings still exist over such a course of time, then the people involved had something special, something that can’t be forgotten.

For Yoon Nana and Lee Roo-Mi, their relationship was and still is strong. After Nana walked in on Seo Tae-Hyun and Roo-Mi, both she and Roo-Mi felt a form of betrayal from the other because of how things ended.

Yoon Nana and Lee Roo-Mi in restaurant
Yoon Nana and Lee Roo-Mi partake in a meal and soju after exposing Jeong Gyu-Min’s infidelity. Pic credit: Screen Capture of Episode 4 of XX

The aforementioned is revealed during a meal both Yoon Nana and Lee Roo-Mi share after the latter gets revenge on Jeong Gyu-Min (Kim Joon-Kyung), her current boyfriend, for cheating on her with a girl at his legal office. The dialogue between the two reveals the truth.

Lee Roo-Mi: “You knew that I’d be punished like this, didn’t you? That’s why you didn’t revenge nor forgive me and just ignored me. You could have had asked at least once though. Why I did it. You could have cursed, yelled, or hit me. How could you be so resolute and throw me away like that?”

Yoon Nana: “That’s right. I threw you out. But how ridiculous. Who threw who out first? Seo Tae-Hyun having an affair? It was sad. It definitely was. But do you know what was the saddest during then? For me, I would’ve chosen you between Seo Tae-Hyun and you. For you, it was Seo Tae-Hyun between Seo Tae-Hyun and me. That our friendship ended because of someone like him.

I helped you today, but I haven’t forgiven you. You have to be punished more. If you got punished for playing with someone else’s boyfriend, you should get punished now for something else. Punishment for betraying your best friend.”

The words both Yoon Nana and Lee Roo-Mi exchange are supposed to be angry, aggressive, and/or confusing. However, by the tone in their voice, they are both sad and hurt.

It is also noticeable in how they talk they still care about each other, they still love each other, and that is why this moment is hurting them so much.

For five years, those emotions have built up in Yoon Nana and Lee Roo-Mi. They were able to let some of it out during their meal, but it was surely not enough.

They can only hold so much, and when both of their emotions are past the limit, it could end in hatred. However, hatred and love are so similar that things might suddenly flip.

Who was hated is now loved. Who was despised is now desired.

Increasing LGBTQ representation in K-dramas

It is good to see diversity and representation of all kinds of people, especially those in the LGBTQ community in K-dramas. However, XX might be a milestone for its representation if Yoon Nana and Lee Roo-Mi do become a lesbian couple.

Most of the time, LGBTQ representation in K-dramas is often among supporting or side characters. The main lead characters are rarely gay. Also, the gay couple is often two males.

It is almost non-existent to see lesbians in a relationship in a K-drama. The closest viewers will see as such is one girl falling in love with a tomboy than finding out she’s a woman later on much to her surprise and disappointment.

Nevertheless, with social movements for LGBTQ communities now mainstream and worldwide, this is probably one of the best times to introduce a lesbian couple in K-dramas.

Why not when viewers take into account that transgender people now have representation in the K-dramas My Shy Boss and Itaewon Class.

And if there is at least one group of people who are hoping Yoon Nana and Lee Roo-Mi end up in a lesbian couple, it seems to be international, mostly American, viewers. The in-video comments on Rakuten Viki and comments on YouTube show such support.

XX is a K-drama that airs episodes on Friday nights at 12:50 a.m. KST on MBC.

For international viewers, the K-drama is presented in a web drama fashion in which episodes are split into two 25-minute long episodes.

They are available an hour after the airtime on MBC on numerous video streaming sites, including V Live, Naver TV Cast, YouTube, and Facebook.

However, the highest-quality version of episodes is on Rakuten Viki.

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