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Where Stars Land finale: K-drama ends happily but leaves unresolved questions [Spoilers]

Where Stars Land
“Where Stars Land” recently aired its finale. Pic credit: Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS)

Where Stars Land (also known as Fox Bride Star) just aired its finale. Despite concluding happily, it has left many questions unanswered for K-drama fans.

Prior to the penultimate and final episodes airing, many pondered on certain situations presented in Where Stars Land.

Soompi, the Hallyu news site associated with Rakuten Viki in which they are co-producer for Where Stars End, provided three things to look out for leading up to the finale. It is assumed anyone reading this article expects spoilers from previous episodes, but just in case such can be avoided by skipping the numbered list below.

WARNING! Spoilers for previous episodes ahead! Skip numbered list to avoid spoilers!

  1. Will Lee Soo-yeon give up the wearable device in the end? — Lee Soo-yeon (Lee Je-hoon) is only able to use his right limbs thanks to a unique device he has to wear. However, it has some nasty side effects that are causing issues to his health.

    Ergo, Soo-yeon is in a bit of a dilemma. With the device, he can walk and use his right arm but he will be sick. Without it he can’t walk or use his right arm but he’ll be fine. Han Yeo-reum (Chae Soo-bin) will definitely play a role in his decision.

  2. Will Lee Soo-yeon and Han Yeo-reum have a happy ending? — The answer to this question will most-likely be answered depending on whether Lee Soo-yeon decides to keep wearing the device or give it up. It seems that Han Yeo-reum will choose to be with Soo-yeon whatever answer he gives, but Soo-yeon believes he would be “a clutch” if he gives up the wearable devices and stays with her.
  3. How will the people of Incheon Airport react to privatization plans? — Team Leader Yang Seo-goon (Kim Ji-soo) found an anonymous letter that Team Leader Choi Moo-ja (Lee Sung-wook) left behind in the office. It revealed plans to privatize the airport. With the upper management splitting to two sides, which side will the other airport employees take?

The problems of the airport not fully answered in the finale?

The one good thing that can be taken from the finale of Where Stars Land was that it ended happily. This is definitely good for K-drama fans whose hearts are still aching from the ending of The Smile Has Left Your Eyes.

Unfortunately, the three things to look out for mentioned above were not fully resolved as detailed in the list below. Please note the below list will have spoilers for the Where Stars Land finale.

WARNING! Spoilers for finale ahead! Skip numbered list to avoid spoilers!

  1. Did Lee Soo-yeon give up the device or not? — In the finale, Han Yeo-reum injects the “lifesaver” medication into Lee Soo-yeon with his permission. That part of the finale was a sigh of relief as it means he is going to live.

    The episode then does the infamous K-drama time jump and we learn that Soo-yeon is not at the airport but Yeo-reum is. When Yeo-reum reports to an incident, it includes a bent blocking post. Yeo-reum is convinced Soo-yeon has returned and finds an individual assumed to be him standing and able to move his right arm.

  2. Lee Soo-yeon… or not? — This may sound weird but for those who saw the finale, it makes sense. For some reason, the direction did not show Soo-yeon’s face when he reunites with Han Yeo-reum. Why is that? Some think Lee Je-hoon had to leave the K-drama early and they used a body double.

    If that is not the case, then it is a matter of artistic direction. Before, Je-hoon just wanted to “do his job” and not be seen. This time, he wants to be seen especially by Yeo-reum. It just seems an artistic twist on direction that now he wants to be seen, they don’t show his face.

  3. The airport privatized or not? — This issue is never truly answered either. We can only assume the airport wasn’t privatized as Yang Seo-goon has become the new director and she was against going that direction originally.

The aforementioned list seems to be the issues left behind from them being “partially resolved” pertaining to direction. There are other issues in the K-drama that were never resolved but they are minor or linked to certain characters.

Overall, Where Stars Land was a decent K-drama, but overall it wasn’t that popular among viewers. Domestically, none of the episodes broke past the double-digit viewership ceiling which is underwhelming for a K-drama on a public (free-to-watch) network.

For those who are interested in watching Where Stars Land, the entire series is available to watch on Rakuten Viki. The first two episodes are free but the subsequent episodes after them are exclusive to Viki Pass holders.

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  1. I haad been searching the net for the answers for the huge gaps left by the production unit, for where stars land and yr article somewhat answered it. The protagonist without a face at the end of the finale can not be explained otherwise, but, that the actor was not around to shoot the scene.
    And no wonder viewership was low with such disjointed story and direction.


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