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Voice 3 preview: Lee Ha-Na and Lee Jin-Wook return as series’ protagonists to take on their most dangerous challenge yet!

Voice 3 on OCN
Lee Ha-Na and Lee Jin-Wook return as their respective characters, Kang Kwon-Joo and Do Kang-Woo, in the third installment in the K-drama series Voice. Image Credit: Orion Cinema Network (OCN)

Lee Ha-Na and Lee Jin-Wook return in what may be considered the most suspenseful K-drama series to ever air on Korean television, Voice 3. This time, our protagonists may be going face-to-face, toe-to-toe with an antagonist too big for the Golden Time Team to handle.

Enter the International Evil Cartel and the Dark Web

Voice 3 is the latest installment in the Voice K-drama series airing on the Orion Cinema Network (OCN) and it continues from the events of last season in Voice 2. Since this is a direct continuation or sequel from Voice 2, we are met with mostly the same cast including the main leads.

Lee Ha-Na plays Kang Kwon-Joo, the 112 Call Center Chief and Golden Time Team call team leader. Lee Jin-Wook plays Do Kang-Woo, the Golden Time Team dispatch team leader.

To avoid any spoilers from the second season of Voice, which is linked to this season, as it is a continuation, only the basic synopsis will be given. As mentioned earlier, the Golden Time Team has a new villain to contend with and it may be way too big for them to handle. This time, they will go after an international evil cartel involved in the internet’s dark web.

Why is Voice such a big deal?

Seasoned K-drama fans will claim that subsequent seasons of any K-drama is a rarity. Usually, they are set to air for one season and one season only. For some, this is great as it gives viewers a definitive conclusion to the K-drama they are watching even if said K-drama is not popular in general.

The Voice series falls in the later as it has subsequent seasons. This is something Korean television has started to adapt for their K-dramas lately as they see such as long-term investments on something that is already popular.

For the Orion Cinema Network (OCN), they seem to invest more into subsequent seasons more so than the other networks. They have four seasons of Quiz of God, two seasons of Vampire Prosecutor, two seasons of Cheo Yong, and two seasons of Save Me.

Though the shows are popular in their own right, the Voice series is the most popular series OCN has to date. Originally, the first season of Voice broke the record for highest viewership for original content by the network. Voice 2 took back the title after Tunnel, the series right after Voice, had it.

Either it is that Voice utilizes suspense so masterfully or the fact it utilizes more adult scenarios and situations compared to other K-dramas, Voice 3 was expected in the plan and OCN hopes fans will enjoy the season more so than its predecessors.

Voice 3 airs on OCN, Saturdays and Sundays at 10:20 p.m. KST. For those who do not have access to Korean networks, especially viewers living in America, Voice 3 is exclusive to OnDemandKorea. The first two episodes are free along with the latest episode up to 24 hours. Subsequent episodes starting with episode three up to the latest episode 24 hours after its original airdate requires an ODK Plus membership.

To understand what is going on in Voice 3, viewers must first watch Voice 2. It too is available to watch on OnDemandKorea. Just take note it only comes with its original Korean dialogue. There are no subs in English.

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