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Touch Your Heart K-Drama finale: Characters’ honest love fails to top debut ratings [Spoilers]

Yoo In-Na and Lee Dong-Wook  star in Touch Your Heart
Yoo In-Na and Lee Dong-Wook star as the main lead characters in Touch Your Heart. Image Credit: Total Variety Network (tvN)

Touch Your Heart, the Total Variety Network (tvN) K-drama starring Yoo In-Na and Lee Dong-Wook just recently aired its penultimate and final episodes. For fans of Goblin, it was highly-anticipated.

Prior to Touch Your Heart, fans wondered if Yoo In-Na and Lee Dong-Wook’s relationship would survive the stress of the former’s newfound fame. We can honestly answer that the answer is yes as they chose to be honest with the public about their relationship.

Despite this, the K-drama’s ending did not deliver as it did not attain the high viewership it previously recorded during its debut.

Jealousy shows true love

What stood out the most about the penultimate and final episodes of Touch Your Heart is how Oh Jin-Shim (Yoo In-Na) and Kwon Jung-Rok’s (Lee Dong-Wook) love was enforced. Surprisingly, their love for each other is mainly enforced through jealousy.

For Kwon Jung-Rok, he has to suffer through Oh Jin-Shim’s popularity. The fact that other men desire her and that other actors might “share a kiss” with her in scenes get to him.

On the other hand, Oh Jin-Shim is “annoyed” that Kwon Jung-Rok has actor looks, height, and the like. According to her, she is jealous that Jung-Rok will “steal the hearts of women.”

When both realize the jealousy and insecurity their better half feels, it actually enforces their love, making their relationship stronger. This helps Kwon Jung-Rok to accept Oh Jin-Shim’s career while Jin-Shim becomes comfortable making Jung-Rok more important than her career.

Lowest ratings the entire series but still a-okay

The penultimate and final episodes were everything fans expected for a more than satisfactory conclusion. However, it was nowhere near the ratings the debut episodes earned. In fact, the penultimate episode itself recorded the lowest ratings throughout the entire series.

According to AGB Nielsen Korea, the penultimate episode (episode number 15) earned 3.335 percent for the nation and 3.558 percent for Seoul. Both ratings are the lowest for the entire series.

The numbers averaged are actually more than decent as tvN is a cable or pay-to-watch network. Touch Your Heart averaged around 3.5 percent for the entire series for both the nation and Seoul.

Saying goodbye to the ‘Secondary Leads of Goblin Reunion’

Ultimately, the cast and crew, especially Yoo In-Na and Lee Dong-Wook, were more than happy with how Touch Your Heart turned out. For fans, it turned out way better than expected as we got to see the range of both actors in their acting. Side note: In-Na is amazing at “bad acting.”

For those interested in watching the entire series, those in the Americas can binge watch all 16 episodes on Rakuten Viki. Take note that watching it for free means numerous ad commercials will pop up.

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