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Touch finale: Han Soo-Yeon makes a choice between Cha Jeong-Hyeok and makeup or being a K-Pop Idol

Kim Bo-Ra's promotional portrait for Touch
Han Soo-Yeon (Kim Bo-Ra) has a choice in signing with ONE Entertainment as a K-pop idol or staying with Cha Jeong-Hyeok (Joo Sang-Wook) and being a makeup artist. Pic credit: Channel A

It is getting closer to the end of the Winter season of K-dramas the closer we get to March, and many networks are currently wrapping up its series.

Fans have been busy watching the finales of Stove League, XX, and the very popular Crash Landing on You. And there are more finales to look forward to, especially the other very popular series this season, Dr. Romantic 2.

However, there is one K-drama that aired this season that is somewhat different from the others — Touch.

Starring Joo Sang-Wook and Kim Bo-Ra, the K-drama, set in the cosmetics/beauty world, is the first to air on a Friday and Saturday at 11 p.m. time slot for the network.

Now Touch has recently aired its finale, and it gave Han Soo-Yeon (Kim Bo-Ra) a choice — go back to her old dream of becoming a K-pop idol or stay with Cha Jeong-Hyeok (Joo Sang-Wook) and become a makeup artist.

K-pop vs. Beauty

The penultimate and final episodes of Touch centered primarily on what Han Soo-Yeon wanted to do with her professional life now that things have been fixed, per se.

Cha Jeong-Hyeok’s name was cleared, and his Cha Beauty brand has been reinvigorated while Soo-Yeon’s past scandal was rectified with the truth.

With Cha Beauty now moving on up again, Han Soo-Yeon has every opportunity and chance to continue growing as a makeup artist while staying with the love of her life, Cha Jeong-Hyeok.

On the other hand, her scandal being cleared has suddenly made her popular in K-pop, and many agencies are seeking to sign her for their new girl group.

This is the choice that Han Soo-Yeon faces. Initially, she is adamant about staying with Cha Beauty, but Cha Jeong-Hyeok wants her to consider making the right decision.

He cites that he regrets not following his initial passion of art before Oh Shi-Eun convinced him out of it to pursue cosmetology.

Before continuing, it should be noted that one of the unique things about Touch is that even though it is a K-drama, it doesn’t utilize all the stereotypical troupes K-dramas are usually known for.

The final episode shows how much Touch strays away from such tropes very well.

Han Soo-Yeon meeting with ONE Entertainment
Han Soo-Yeon meets with ONE Entertainment in which the CEO wants to sign her as the leader of a new K-pop girl group. Pic credit: Channel A

Starting with Han Soo-Yeon and her choice, usually in K-dramas, it would be a battle that she would struggle to resolve.

With Soo-Yeon, she was able to maturely look back at her past and present, and come to a resolution befitting her. Eventually, Han Soo-Yeon thanks ONE Entertainment for the opportunity and chooses to be with Cha Jeong-Hyeok and Cha Beauty.

Everyone lives a better life

Han Soo-Yeon being thoughtful and firm about her career choice is only one of the areas where Touch strayed from K-drama tropes. For example, most K-dramas often see tenfold revenge as the full circle punishment for antagonists.

In Touch, that doesn’t happen.

We will start with Kang Do-Jin (Lee Tae-Hwan) and his relationship with Han Soo-Yeon and his career. After Do-Jin finds out Soo-Yeon and Cha Jeong-Hyeok are together, he is sad and a bit jealous of the relationship.

This would lead to some sort of “battle of love,” something that is quite the norm in K-dramas, especially when it comes to romcoms. However, Kang Do-Jin accepts it and moves forward, keeping both Han Soo-Yeon and Cha Jeong-Hyeok as friends.

As for his career, Kang Do-Jin doesn’t seek out another agency in spite of his previous one hurting both him and Han Soo-Yeon. Instead, he creates his own agency and becomes successful on his own.

Kang Do-Jin and his new agency
Instead of seeking another entertainment agency after leaving his last one, Kang Do-Jin creates a one-act agency with his team. Pic credit: Channel A

Next, there is the situation with Cha Beauty and Oh Beauty.

The “President” who formulated the new beauty products for Cha Beauty before giving them all to Oh Beauty returns to Korea because of guilt. He wants to set things right and does so by giving everything to Cha Beauty.

He even goes on television to provide his testimony on the wrong-doings of all involved, Oh Shi-Eun (Pyeon Jung-Su) and Min Kang-Ho (Song Jae-Hee).

Oh Shi-Eun begs for her life
After the “President” hands over paperwork pertaining to stolen beauty supplies, Oh Shi-Eun shows up and begs Cha Jeong-Hyeok to spare her from ruin. Pic credit: Channel A

With the truth now revealed, both Oh Shi-Eun and Min Kang-Ho face a plethora of charges, which includes prison time. Shi-Eun knows what she did will ruin her and begs Cha Jeong-Hyeok to spare her.

If Touch were a typical K-drama, Cha Jeong-Hyeok would have taken Oh Shi-Eun and Min Kang-Ho to court, won, and destroy them.

Instead, he goes the direction of fairness. Jeong-Hyeok wants Shi-Eun to leave Cha Beauty alone and issue a public apology, while he wants Kang-Ho to pay the financial burden put on Jeong-Hyeok when they stole the new cosmetics from his company.

In the end, both Oh Shi-Eun and Min Kang-Ho reform. They become better people. Oh Shi-Eun is no longer pining to be the best as people know how good she is.

Instead, she is training people to be “better than her,” as she now feels that is something she admires.

As for Min Kang-Ho, his relationship with his ex-wife, Baek Ji-Yoon (Han Da-Gam), improved now that he has reformed. They are not together but do work and share meals together from time to time amicably.

New Cha Beauty store
At the end of Touch, Cha Beauty has regained most of its former glory but now wants to provide makeup to everyone, not just those who can afford VIP services. Pic credit: Channel A

Ultimately, Touch concluded not with a “happily ever after” but with every one living a better life than they had before.

In some ways, it is nice to see this conclusion as nobody is technically suffering, and though they may not have everything, they have what they need, which may be more than what they wanted.

Touch is no longer airing in Korea but is now available in certain regions, especially the Americas, on Rakuten Viki.

No subscription is necessary to watch this K-drama on the video streaming service.

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