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Touch: Cha Jeong-Hyeok (Joo Sang-Wook) about to lose everything to ‘mentor’ Oh Shi-Eun (Pyeon Jung-Su)?

Touch -- Official Poster 2020
Joo Sang-Wook and Kim Bo-Ra lead an all-star cast in the romcom Touch. Pic credit: Channel A

We are four episodes into the K-drama Touch and it seems to be getting better.

Within the first two episodes, almost all the details in the synopsis provided for the series have come to pass. Han Soo-Yeon (Kim Bo-Ra) was kicked out of K-pop and she ends up working for Cha Jeong-Hyeok (Joo Sang-Wook) at Cha Cosmetics.

However, there is one little detail from the synopsis of Touch — which might be a typo or something the producers did not want to be revealed but was accidentally revealed — that isn’t true or hasn’t come true just yet.

Cha Jeong-Hyeok was popular, fell from grace to the point of unemployment and debt, then he makes a comeback.

After the fourth episode, there seems to be a plotline that fits Cha Jeong-Hyeok going from being popular to suddenly being unemployed and in debt. Will Cha Jeong-Hyeok lose everything to his “mentor” Oh Shi-Eun (Pyeon Jung-Su)?

The setup for the downfall

The setup for Cha Jeong-Hyeok losing everything is an intricate web that happens to all point back to his past.

Back when he was working under Oh Shi-Eun, he was supposedly dating or at least had a close relationship with a popular actress and model, Baek Ji-Hoon (Han Da-Gam). In a flashback, it shows that Ji-Hoon is with Min Kang-Ho (Song Jae-Hee), a businessman who is associated with Shi-Eun.

The relationships between all these people may seem like mere coincidence, but they fit the criteria well for Cha Jeong-Hyeok to fall in this moment of his career.

He is successful, popular, and has a lot of money. The following are details that should be considered for everything to come together for Jeong-Hyeok’s downfall. Take note some of the details have spoilers from the series.

  1. Cha Jeong-Hyeok wins the Double-X cover:  Both Cha Jeong-Hyeok and Oh Shi-Eun competed to have their models featured on the front cover of a popular NYC magazine, Double-X. In the end, Jeong-Hyeok won and his model, Kang Do-Jin (Lee Tae-Hwan), was featured.
  2. Cha Jeong-Hyeok’s R&D creates new makeup: In a warehouse and factory, Cha Jeong-Hyeok’s scientists were working on new makeup that would also promote health as well as beauty. Using stem cells, the scientist was able to create a new makeup that would help improve and cure facial issues.
  3. Cha Jeong-Hyeok rejects Baek Ji-Hoon: At the end of the third episode, Baek Ji-Hoon tries to come back to Cha Jeong-Hyeok. By circumstance, Han Soo-Yeon is also there and she’s the one to answer the door of Jeong-Hyeok’s apartment after Ji-Hoon rings the bell. When Jeong-Hyeok shows up afterward, he places an arm around Soo-Yeon and claims “he is busy.” This definitely his way of showing Ji-Hoon he no longer cares about her.

How it will all fall down

With the relationships and details from the last four episodes covered, here is the setup for how Cha Jeong-Hyeok will fall.

Cha Cosmetics is at an all-time high after being featured on the NYC cover for Double-X. With enough money and popularity behind him. Cha Jeong-Hyeok gives the go-ahead to go into K-health with his new line of cosmetics that also has health benefits. This will be a crossover into a new area of K-beauty and health, one that Oh Shi-Eun has been working on with her line of face masks.

If Cha Jeong-Hyeok succeeds with his cosmetics with health benefits, it may put an end to Oh Shi-Eun. Her business partner, Min Kang-Ho, also knows that and asks his significant other, Baek Ji-Hoon, for help as she used to have a relationship with Jeong-Hyeok.

Given that she was rejected again, Ji-Hoon might be jealous and play along in Kang-Ho and Shi-Eun’s plans. She will use her star power to become a model for Cha Cosmetics and find a way to bring down Jeong-Hyeok. The best way is to steal the new cosmetics with health benefits and bring them to Kang-Ho and Shi-Eun so they can use them for their own nefarious means.

Ultimately, it should be noted that the aforementioned way of how Cha Jeong-Hyeok loses everything is just a possibility and may or may not happen. It is just one of many ways the story could go especially with the synopsis saying Jeong-Hyeok was “once popular then he was unemployed and in debt.”

To find out what happens, K-drama fans need to tune in to Touch which airs on Fridays and Saturdays at 11 p.m. KST on Channel A. For international fans specifically those who live in the Americas, Touch airs exclusively on Rakuten Viki for free, with ads.

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