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The Smile Has Left Your Eyes Finale: tvN gives a ‘poetic twist’ to ending based off of J-Drama creating something more beautiful for viewers [Spoilers]

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes
Seo In-guk and Jung So-min star in The Smile Has Left Your Eyes. Pic credit: Total Variety Network (tvN)

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes just recently aired its finale and it was amazing. The Total Variety Network (tvN) not only took elements from the source J-drama that the K-drama is based off of, but they gave it a “poetic twist” that created something more beautiful for viewers.

Over the past week or so, many K-drama fans heavily debated how The Smile Has Left Your Eyes will end. Since it is based on the J-drama Hundred Stars From the Sky, there are certain “shocking elements” that viewers were unsure would be aired on the K-drama adaption.

Even if tvN is a cable or pay-to-watch channel, some of those “shocking elements” are still considered very taboo in Korea.

Eventually, Korean news outlet Naver analyzed The Smile Has Left Your Eyes and came up with three possible endings for the K-drama. The listing of them below will only be bare bones to avoid spoiling the rest of the K-drama too much.

WARNING! Spoilers for the entire K-drama ahead! Skip numbered list to avoid spoilers!

  1. Same Ending as J-Drama: Kim Moo-young (Seo In-guk) and Yoo Jin-kang (Jung So-min) find they are indeed siblings but still continue onward with their relationship.
  2. Who are the victims?: Kim Moo-young’s father murdered Yoo Jin-kang’s parents.
  3. The Third Person: Jang Se-ran (Kim Ji-hyun) has created a setup in which Kim Moo-young and Yoo Jin-kang just happen to be victims.

The aforementioned three possible endings would make a great ending for The Smile Has Left Your Eyes. However, what tvN did was far better than what viewers expected.

Romeo and Juliet lives ‘Happily Ever After’

Before continuing onward, it is best to say this latter half of the article will have major spoilers for the finale of The Smile Has Left Your Eyes though I will do my best to keep it at a bare minimum as not to fully spoil the ending . Even though most who are reading this would “expect” spoilers, skip ahead to the last paragraph.

WARNING! Spoilers for the ending of the K-drama ahead! Skip to the paragraph right after the video to avoid spoilers!

First off, tvN utilized all three possible scenarios in some fashion or form.

Jang Se-ran utilized what she knew to spin a web of deceit to make Kim Moo-young believe that Yoo Jin-kang is the sister he is searching for. She even manipulates Moo-young more by making him feel disgusted at himself by saying lines such as, “Did you, perhaps, sleep together, not knowing that?”

Later on, we learn that Kim Moo-young and Yoo Jin-kang are not related through Yoo Jin-gook. Instead, we learn that Kim Moo-young’s father did indeed kill Yoo Jin-kang’s parents.

However, it is the very end of the K-drama that really wraps everything up well. With the three aforementioned ending scenarios rectified, Kim Moo-young and Yoo Jin-gook are wanting to move forward, to be together.

In a moment that catches everyone off guard, both of them are shot by an individual which we can only assume is associated with the “real antagonist.”

On its own, this ending seems gut-wrenching, a kick to the stomach if may be. However, if the viewer takes into account everything leading up to final scene, it is understandable why the ending is both “poetic” and “beautiful.”

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes is a unique K-drama that differs from previous tvN K-dramas.

It is possible the network went in such a direction due to the rising popularity of more intense, darker K-dramas, a genre that has been very successful for the Orion Cinema Network (OCN). Nevertheless, it is still good and should at least be given a chance for any K-drama fans who enjoy all genres of television.

The broadcast release of The Smile Has Left Your Eyes has officially ended on tvN. However, the entire series can be watched on Rakuten Viki. Since it was not exclusive to the streaming site upon release, it is free-to-watch to all viewers.

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