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The Player Season 2 possible: OCN K-Drama concludes on high note in finale [Spoilers]

The Player
The Player is a unique crime K-drama that recently concluded on OCN. Pic credit: Orion Cinema Network (OCN)

The Player (also known simply as Player) recently aired its finale. After its conclusion, the K-drama ended on a very high point among fans. It also left potential for a second season to be made, a trend that has been gaining popularity in K-dramas recently in South Korea.

According to ratings provided by AGB Nielsen Korea, the finale of The Player earned the highest viewership ratings of the entire series at 5.803 percent for the nation and 6.249 percent for Seoul.

These numbers are extremely good for OCN especially since the K-drama followed right after Voice 2, the sequel to the original that possibly made OCN stand out from other Korean networks that almost hit double-digit viewership ratings.

Sadly, The Player did not fair as well internationally. First, OCN is still growing and may not be well-known in certain territories. Second, in territories that OCN is well-known in, such as North and South America, The Player was suddenly cut off.

The Player was heavily promoted and advertised on DramaFever which happens to also be the streaming service most international viewers watched The Player. When DramaFever suddenly shut down, it did in the middle of currently-airing K-dramas that were either exclusive or preferred on DramaFever. The Player just happens to be one of them.

The Player hints at a Season 2?

Traditionally in K-dramas, series would be self-contained to one season. However, South Korea has been embracing the multi-season format as of late. Just this year alone, we had subsequent seasons to Let’s Eat (with Let’s Eat 3) and Voice (with Voice 2). With that in mind, OCN made it possible for a second season of The Player to be made.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead! Skip to final paragraph to avoid spoilers!

In the finale, the “Player” team, consisting of Kang Ha-ri (Song Seung-heon), Cha Ah-ryung (Krystal Jung), Lim Byung-min (Lee Si-eon), and Do Jin-woong (Tae Won-suk), follow “That Man” to his meeting to put an end to the huge corruption ring between government, business, and law.

In doing so, they plan to use themselves as “bait” for the clean police to take them in as they all have standing warrants with the exception of Ah-ryung. The other three believe it is the right thing to leave Ah-ryung behind as she is “too young and did not choose to be a criminal” unlike them who believe they “chose to be criminals”.

The plan is a success, but as expected Kang Ha-ri, Lim Byung-min, and Do Jin-woong are arrested and sentenced to prison time. On the way to prison in a transport, they reminisce on Cha Ah-ryung.

In a twist of fate, the driver happens to be Ah-ryung who switched places with the original driver of the transport. She confirms she “chooses” the life along with them and all four of them escape. Not only that, the money they stole from their initial job when they first worked together (Episode 2) was secured aside so the “Player” team can start anew.

There is far more details to provide, but the aforementioned summary only provides the smallest of spoilers so as not to spoil the intricacies of the plot that makes The Player one of the more interesting K-dramas to watch this season.

Right now, The Player is available to watch for free on Rakuten Viki. Now that the series is over, any “airing exclusivity” shall be lifted and it may be possible to watch this K-drama on other streaming services in the future.

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