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The Great Show upcoming K-Drama finale: Will the truth about Han Da-Jung’s (Noh Jeong-Eui) birth ruin Wi Dae-Han’s (Song Seung-Heon) political career?

The Great Show -- Grocery Shopping
Wi Dae-Han (Song Seung-Heon: Middle) knows a secret about the birth of Han Da-Jung (Noh Jeong-Eui: Left of Seung-Heon). If it becomes public, his political career may be in trouble. Pic credit: Total Variety Network (tvN)

Tonight, the Total Variety Network (tvN) will air the penultimate episode of The Great Show, followed by its final episode tomorrow.

It has been a long ride in which the political family drama showcased different family types much to the delight of social justice warriors and casual viewers who don’t give a lick about such views.

However, there is one “family situation” we just recently found out might become the downfall for Wie Dae-Han (Song Seung-Heon) and his political career if it were to get out. Not only that, it is a secret that involves his adopted daughter, Han Da-Jung (Noh Jeong-Eui).

A nasty secret about Han Da-Jung revealed

At the end of episode 14 of The Great Show, Han Dong-Nam (Kang Sung-Jin), the first step-father of Han Da-Jung and the biological father of her other three siblings, returned into their lives.

He now claims he has a legitimate place to stay, and he wants to take back his children, at least Han Tae-Poong (Kim Jun) and Han Song-Yi (Park Ye-Na).

Wi Dae-Han and Han Dong-Nam have another sit-down meeting by themselves as they discuss the situation. Dae-Han, clearly upset as he thought the money he gave Dong-Ham was enough for him to get out of the children’s lives for good, questioned Dong-Ham’s motives.

Dong-Ham, being the sly and sneaky man that he is, kept his answer ambiguous, asking why we should question if a father wants to be with his children?

Eventually, Han Dong-Ham brings out the clincher, a truth about Han Da-Jung that would blow the minds of anyone who knew and would be a center of controversy.

Han Da-Jung is the birth product of his father sexually assaulting her mother. That is probably the reason why the mother was with Han Dong-Ham instead of Da-Jung’s father.

The societal issue such a truth would have in Korea

Such news would sound like the most significant social justice opportunity for politicians, but South Korea still has a very secretive, unspoken societal norm when it comes to the matter.

They do have their laws against such, but the gender inequalities on the issue prevent any woman from stepping forward, asking for help when they need it.

Instead, this face view of a “good society” is often upheld (mostly through indirect bullying, especially the cyber kind) much to the dismay of victims and children of victims.

In short, if Korean society still has an issue with single parents, who knows the extent of the problem they perceive with victims and children of rape.

Though the issue of rape is an angle in a story, let’s hope bringing it to the forefront through entertainment brings more discussion and change to the narrative.

As for The Great Show, such news will work against Wie Dae-Han, especially now that Jung Soo-Hyun (Lee Sun-Bin) also knows that the family unit is a “great show” after discovering the contract Dae-Han and Han Da-Jung made.

We are hoping the penultimate, and final episodes of The Great Show finish the series off well. The 14th episode ended with an AGB Nielsen Korea viewership rating of 2.681 percent for the nation and 2.800 percent for Seoul. It was a significant jump from the 13th episode.

On Rakuten Viki, The Great Show remains in the top twenty of top Korean shows with an overall rating of 9.5 out of 10 stars, 620 ratings.

The penultimate and final episodes for The Great Show will air on Monday and Tuesday, October 14 and 15, at 9:30 p.m. KST respectively, on tvN.

For international fans, the K-drama is exclusive or unavailable, depending on the region. In the Americas, at least, it is available to watch for free through streaming site Rakuten Viki with ads.

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