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The Grand Show: Song Seung-Heon, Lee Sun Bin, and Im Joo-Hwan’s characters team up for the better good, a political calm before the storm [Spoilers]

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The Great Show is a political K-drama airing on tvN. It stars Song Seung-heon as Wi Dae-Han. Pic credit: Total Variety Network (tvN)

For the majority of The Great Show, the K-drama by Total Variety Network (tvN) concentrated mostly on the dynamic relationships between Wi Dae-Han (Song Seung-Heon), Jung Soo-Hyun (Lee Sun-Bin), and his adopted family.

It also concentrated secondly on Ha Da-Jung’s (Noh Jeong-Eui) relationship with Choi Jung-Woo (Hyuk of Vixx) and their unborn child.

With all this attention on Wie Dae-Han’s “great show,” we had little depth on his political career. Up to episode 10, the political race first centered on Dae-Han’s return, followed by what would happen to the land where a prison used to run. Will it become apartments or a school?

Fortunately, viewers got to see significant advancement in Wie Dae-Han’s political career (in an entertaining and somewhat suspenseful) way in the last two episodes resulting in Dae-Han, Jung Soo-Hyun (Lee Sun-Bin), and his political opponent, Kang Joon-Ho (Im Joo-Hwan) teaming up for the greater good.

The Shopping Center Trap

At the end of the 10th episode, viewers learned that the debacle on what the former prison land should become was a farce. The mayor, Jung Han-Soo (Yu Seong-Ju) — who Wie Dae-Han used to be an aid for and now receives support — tried to “trap” Dae-Han in partnering with a company who wants to turn the former prison land into a shopping mall. The thing is the shopping mall will drive out the local businesses in the district, the same local businesses that are supporting and putting their trust in Wie Dae-Han to protect them.

Initially, Wie Dae-Han goes along with the mayor and the construction company but his stand to “defend the weaklings,” to do what is good for the people of his district take over. He eventually stands up to the mayor and the company just to be put back down or so it seems.

Without spoiling how everything came to be, Wie Dae-Han required the help of Jung Soo-Hyun and his political opponent Kang Joon-Ho. First, they need to calm down the people of the district. Second, they need to find a way to cause a rift between the shopping mall owner and the construction company.

Wie Dae-Han, along with his allies, found two things to protect the people of the district from the shopping mall. First is the construction company’s slush fund. Second is the company paying off the prosecutor who dismissed a case involving faulty elevators in another mall they built in the past. As for the mayor, the research into the construction company also brought about the fact he’s accepted bribes.

Eventually, the mall owner will build his shopping mall. But, he will also work with local businesses possibly to help transition them to mall spaces or to specialize in the mall for the locals so that the small businesses will not lose money.

The real political war begins

It was amazing to see Wie Dae-Han and Kang Joon-Ho put aside their political fight for the better good. But now they are “enemies” again as they move onward in trying to win the political position they are running for.

On top of that, Kang Joon-Ho’s father, Kang Kyung-Hoon (Song Byung-Ho), who’s been trying to throw a monkey wrench in Wie Dae-Han’s campaign as he does anything and everything, which includes faking his own assault, to win. This time, Kyung-Hoon is angry the shopping mall did not get built, and he plans to attack Wie Dae-Han’s “heart” (his family most likely).

There are only four episodes left in The Great Show. They will air weekly on Mondays and Tuesdays, one episode each per day at 9:30 p.m. KST until the K-drama is over on tvN.

For international fans specifically in the Americas, The Great Show is exclusive to watch on streaming service Rakuten Viki for free.

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