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Ryu Dam is a new man after losing 40 kilograms (88 pounds) — What drove the actor/comedian to lose the weight?

Ryu Dam Transformation
Ryu Dam lost 40 kilograms, the equivalent of 88 pounds. Pic Credit: SidusHQ

Ryu Dam, who is known for his appearances in Korean variety shows and specific roles in K-dramas, is a new man. The actor/comedian lost 40 kilograms which approximately is the equivalent of 88 pounds.

Ryu Dam and SidusHQ reveal the new ‘Him’

On Thursday, March 7, 2019, Ryu Dam revealed he had lost a significant amount of weight through an exclusive interview with Korean news outlet News1. Reportedly, Dam had been steadily exercising and losing weight.

“I’ve been on a diet for two years now. I’ve lost around 40 kilograms [approximately 88 pounds] and I’m currently at 81 kilograms [178 pounds], so I want to lose about 10 more kilograms [approximately 22 pounds].”

To help promote his new image, SidusHQ, the Korean entertainment agency Ryu Dam is signed to, released new promotional profile pictures to the public.

Ryu Dam sitting
SidusHQ released new promotional profile pictures of Ryu Dam after his significant weight loss. Image Credit: SidusHQ

What was Ryu Dam’s motivation for his weight loss?

According to Ryu Dam, his primary reason for weight loss was to be able to participate in broadcast activities through more diverse roles. It is true that Dam has appeared in numerous K-dramas but they are few and far between as those roles were “limited” per se. Due to those limitations, he felt increasingly disappointed.

“I wanted to portray diverse characters while acting, but the character [types] were limited. My acting colleagues advised that if I lose weight and change my image, I would be able to act in much broader [roles].”

Of course, there are the “more important” reasons behind Ryu Dam losing weight. For starters, he is a lot healthier, something his friends and family worried about when he was bigger. Just like most people who succeed in weight loss, there are hard times. However, he was able to gain strength from those who supported him especially when they compliment his progress saying how he looks “a lot clearer now that he’s lost weight” or he “looks lively.”

Ryu Dam has lost a total of 40 kilograms (88 pounds). Image Credit: SidusHQ

What is next for Ryu Dam?

Ryu Dam has a little bit more weight to lose before he hits his goal. Right now, he has shown his thanks via a post on his official Instagram account.

Congratulations Ryu Dam! All your family, friends, loved ones, and fans hope the most for you for your career in the future.

For those interested in checking out Ryu Dam’s acting in the “limited roles” he has taken over his career, K-dramas My Sassy Girl and Sungkyunkwan Scandal are available on Rakuten Viki. As for his Korean variety show appearances, Law of the Jungle is available too.

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