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Mystic Pop-Up Bar preview: Hwang Jung-Eum and Sungjae of BtoB serve drinks and resolutions in upcoming JTBC K-drama

Hwang Jung-Eum posing for Mystic Pop-Up Bar
Hwang Jung-Eum plays the primary lead in the upcoming K-drama, Mystic Pop-Up Bar. Pic credit: Joongang Tongyang Broadcasting Corporation

It seems that the spring-to-summer and summer seasons of Korean television will feature numerous K-dramas of a mystic or fantasy nature.

For example, The King: Eternal Monarch will feature the lead characters played by Lee Min-Ho and Kim Go-Eun trying to save two parallel universes of Korea.

Let’s not forget, that around this time, another mystic and fantasy K-drama, Meow, The Secret Boy, will most likely be concluding.

However, there will be another K-drama, similar in nature, as in being mystic and fantastic, airing. Mystic Pop-Up Bar will be premiering sometime near the end of the spring. It stars Hwang Jung-Eum and Sungjae of BtoB as workers of a pop-up bar that mysteriously disappears and reappears. While they serve drinks, they also serve solutions to their patron’s problems.

A mystic pop-up bar serves drinks and solutions

Mystic Pop-Up Bar is a mystery fantasy K-drama based on the popular webtoon of the same name. The main cast consists of Hwang Jung-Eum and Sungjae of BtoB. Other cast members include Choi Won-Young, Lee Joon-Hyuk, Jang Da-Eun, Yang Dae-Hyeok, Song Hoon, Kim Mi-Kyung, and Ahn Tae-Hwan.

On the production side, Mystic Pop-Up Bar will premiere on the Joongang Tongyang Broadcasting Corporation (JTBC). The screenplay is written by Bae Hye-Soo and it will be directed by Jeon Chang-Geun.

According to the synopsis provided by JTBC, Mystic Pop-Up Bar is Ssanggab Cart Bar that opens only at night on the rooftop of a building. It is run by Wol-Joo (Hwang Jung-Eum), who is assisted by Han Kang-Bae (Sungjae).

Ssanggab Cart Bar serves both food and drinks to customers, both dead and alive. While drinking alcohol and eating dishes with Wol-Joo, the customers talk about themselves, their hopes, and their fears. During this time, Wol-Joo and Han Kang-Bae will enter their dreams and try to provide a solution to their problems to help them move on.

The Rom-com Queen and the K-pop Idol

JTBC is slowly and surely becoming more of a standout when it comes to premium K-dramas. However, if we pinpoint specific reasons people will be interested in Mystic Pop-Up Bar, it will have to be the main leads.

From the looks of it, Mystic Pop-Up Bar has the makings of being a rom-com. Who better to play the female lead than the most popular Rom-com Queen in K-dramas, Hwang Jung-Eum? Ever since her lead role in Kill Me, Heal Me, Jung-Eum has starred in numerous popular Korean rom-coms. Probably her most popular rom-com is She Was Pretty.

As for the male lead, Sungjae is a member of the popular K-pop boy group BtoB. The fact that he is the male lead is enough of a reason for K-pop fans — especially those who are Melody (BtoB official fandom) — to watch Mystic Pop-Up Bar.

Mystic Pop-Up Bar is set to premiere on Wednesday, May 20, at 9:30 p.m. KST, on JTBC. Subsequent episodes will then air on Wednesdays and Thursdays at the same time up to a planned 12 episodes.

According to information provided by the BtoB information Twitter account, it seems that Mystic Pop-Up Bar will be available to international viewers on Netflix. If that is the case, a K-drama will usually be available in all regions where Netflix is available. This also means viewers will need a subscription to the video streaming service to watch the K-drama.