My First First Love season 2 premiere: Ji Soo, Jung Chae-Yeon, and Jung Jin-Young to conclude Korean romcom on Netflix

My First First Love
Ji Soo, Jung Chae-Young, and Jung Jin-Young finish My First First Love in season 2. Image Credit: Netflix

Earlier this year, My First First Love (also known as Because You Are My First Love) aired. It was unique from other K-dramas as it was solely distributed by Netflix, not dividing its distribution with a major Korean network.

Because Netflix is first an American streaming service, My First First Love is one of the few K-dramas to have multiple seasons. In this series, the episodes are divided up into two seasons despite it still being filmed for a one-and-done series. The first eight episodes make up season one and the second eight episodes make up season two.

The first season ended earlier this year. Now it must be reported that Season 2 will start tomorrow, July 26, 2019, for fans who want to know what happens next.

Living Together heading into Season Two

For those who don’t remember the synopsis of My First First Love, it is about three friends, Yoon Tae-Oh (Ji Soo), Han Song-Yi (Chae-Yeon), and Seo Do-Hyun (Jin-Young).

Yoon Tae-Oh is a carefree man who lives in his own house and does his own thing. By circumstance, Han Song-Yi moves into his home as she finds herself homeless all of a sudden. Despite the two being best friends, they often quarrel.

Because of their quarreling, Song-Yi gets close to Tae-Oh’s other friend, Seo Do-Hyun (Jin-Young), who often visits. Throw in two other friends who also need a place to stay for their own reasons, Oh Ga-Rin (Choi Ri) and Choi Hoon (Kang Tae-Oh).

At the end of season one, we find that Yoon Tae-Oh, Han Song-Yi, and Seo Do-Hyun are getting along as they sit on the table outside of Tae-Oh’s house. It is obvious that Song-Yi and Do-Hyun have feelings for each other. However, Tae-Oh has had feelings for Song-Yi for years and is often conflicted about pursuing it, as they are best friends.

Right now, Yoon Tae-Oh is in a relationship with Ryu Se-Hyun (Hong Ji-Yoon). She had a minor supporting role in the first season but will have a bigger role in the second. It is believed she will be moving into Tao-Oh’s house.

Where can viewers watch season two?

My First First Love was solely distributed by Netflix. Take note viewers will need a subscription to the streaming service. Viewers can also catch up on the first season before the next begins to air.

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