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My First First Love: Netflix possibly improved K-Drama experience with two-season format of Ji Soo, Chaeyeon, and Jinyoung’s romcom

My First First Love
Ji Soo, Jung Chae-Young, and Jung Jin-Young (from right to left in front row) were the main leads in My First First Love. Pic credit: Netflix

My First First Love, a K-drama airing exclusively on Netflix, just released its second and final season. Starring Ji Soo, Jung Chae-Young (better known by her mononym Chaeyoung of K-pop girl group DIA), and Jung Jin-Young (better known by his mononym Jinyoung of K-pop boy band B1A4), the trio brought viewers a wonderful story filled with romance and comedy.

Despite how good My First First Love was, it was unique from previous K-dramas airing either through a traditional or online network. From what we can tell, My First First Love is the first K-drama to be wholly aired or streamed via Netflix. Ergo, it seems Netflix has taken some liberties with how it aired by separating the series into two seasons. In a way, Netflix just improved the K-drama viewing experience for My First First Love, as well as other K-dramas airing simultaneously this season, too.

Two seasons to binge

Firstly, Netflix released My First First Love not as a single series that airs episodes on certain days, but as seasons. Anyone who watches Netflix Originals knows this, as all episodes of a season release at one time. With My First First Love, the series split into two seasons, with eight episodes each.

The first season was released on April 18 while the second season hit three months later, on July 26. This method worked for K-drama fans because most international viewers binge-watch K-dramas. By releasing eight episodes at a time, viewers jumped to the next episode without having to wait, thereby fulfilling their K-drama craving.

Some people wonder why Netflix didn’t release all 16 episodes in one season. Well, that all goes into the second reason why Netflix’s two-season format improved the K-drama viewing experience.

A season to rest and catch up on other K-dramas

Anyone who binges K-dramas knows that the halfway point is where the fatigue sets in with a series. This affliction means they have taken in so much information to process for said K-drama that continuing would be overload. This problem is one of the big reasons viewers watch multiple K-dramas at the same time. Variety keeps things fresh and doesn’t overload a viewer on one single series.

Netflix seemed to take this into account by offering three months between the first and second season of My First First Love. After binging the first season, there is a lot to process. Fans can jump to other K-dramas Netflix has such as Designated Survivor: 60 Days or Arthdal Chronicles.

That time away also helps build anticipation for season two so when it does release, they’ll binge watch it as well.

Ultimately, the process of switching over to Netflix’s method of airing a series will be a slow process for K-drama producers. However, it seems the multi-season method, in general, is starting to take more root in K-dramas. Along with My First First Love being two seasons, Arthdal Chronicles is three seasons (or maybe three parts). The Orion Cinema Network (OCN) is also a network that seems to embrace multiple seasons. They have multiple seasons of their popular K-drama Voice as well as Save Me.

My First First Love was an interesting K-drama worth the time binging. For viewers who are interested in the series starring Ji Soo, Chaeyoung, and Jinyoung, it is exclusive on Netflix. Take note viewers will need a Netflix subscription to watch the K-drama.