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Meow, The Secret Boy premiere: L of K-Pop boy group Infinite and Shin Ye-Eun are adorable in K-Drama adaption of popular 2020 Naver webtoon

Meow, The Secret Boy poster
L of Infinite and Shin Ye-Eun lead the cast for Meow, The Secret Boy. Pic credit: Korean Broadcasting System (KBS)

When it comes to K-dramas, March marks the month when series premiere for the Spring season. Primarily, many of these series will air within the first two weeks of the month, but sometimes there are one or two that wait until the last two weeks instead.

Once Again, 365: Repeat the Year, Find Me in Your Memory, A Piece of Your Mind, and the Eccentric! Chef Moon are just some of the K-dramas to premiere during the latter two months of March. Let’s not forget some of the C-dramas as well.

However, there is one K-drama out of all the ones airing within the last two weeks of March that will be very adorable and an overload of cuteness. That K-drama is Welcome, better known as Meow, The Secret Boy.

Starring Kim Myung-Soo — better known by his K-pop idol stage name as part of Infinite, L — and Shin Ye-Eun (He Is Psychometric, A-TEEN), the two are adorable in the K-drama adaption of the popular Naver webtoon.

A girl and her cat

Meow, The Secret Boy — which is known simply as Welcome in South Korea — is a fantasy romantic comedy. L plays Hong-Jo, a cat who is able to transform into a human being, while Shin Ye-Eun plays Hong-Jo’s owner, Kim Sol-Ah.

Kim Sol-Ah is a young woman in her mid-20s who works for a graphic design company. She is very sociable and dreams of becoming a webcomic artist. Circumstantially, she ends up taking home a cat that her crush, Lee Jae-Sun (Seo Ji-Hoon), gave to his girlfriend but was given back to him after they broke up.

Lee Jae-Sun is unable to take care of the cat because of his allergies, so in the stir of the moment, Kim Sol-Ah agrees to take care of the cat. Within her care, she names the cat, Hong-Jo. Little does she know that within her presence, the cat turns human.

Cute overload doesn’t equate to popularity

So far, Meow, The Secret Boy is loaded with numerous scenes just oozing with adorability and cuteness. It helps that the male lead is a K-pop idol, and, needless to say, any individual going into the K-pop industry today needs to look gorgeous for the female demographic.

Unfortunately, the high number of adorable and cute scenes, along with the chemistry between actors and a simple story, does not equate to a high viewership. According to both AGB Nielsen Korea and TNmS Media Korea, the premiere episode of Meow, The Secret Boy started out averaging 3.5 percent viewership among both but has since dropped down to just under two percent by the fourth episode.

To be fair, Meow, The Secret Boy may simply be premiering at a bad time. Right now, most of the K-drama viewers are invested in both Hyena, and I’ll Go to You When the Weather is Fine as the plots for both have progressed exponentially in preparation for their upcoming finales. Eventually, Meow, The Secret Boy might pick up once these two K-dramas conclude.

Meow, The Secret Boy will air subsequent episodes, two per day on Wednesdays and Thursdays up to 32 episodes on KBS. For international viewers, Meow, The Secret Boy is available to watch on Rakuten Viki. The first couple of episodes are free to watch with ads, but the remaining episodes require viewers to have a Viki Pass Plus subscription.

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