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Meow, The Secret Boy: Is Kim Sol-Ah (Shin Ye-Eun) going to be the ‘dog’ to contrast the cat who can turn human, Hong-Jo (L of INFINITE)

Meow, The Secret Boy promotional poster
L of Infinite and Shin Ye-Eun lead the cast of Meow, The Secret Boy. Pic credit: Korean Broadcasting System (KBS)

Meow, The Secret Boy — also known as Welcome and Hi, Welcome — is now two weeks in with eight episodes aired since its premiere.

Within that time, the unique relationship between Hong-Jo (L of Infinite) and Kim Sol-Ah (Shin Ye-Eun) has an initial foundation established.

When it comes to viewers, Meow, The Secret Boy was already low domestically in Korea, but it has now adjusted itself to a small niche who would find this kind of story entertaining.

Primarily, the viewership is now women ranging from teens to their mid-20s.

Despite its initial setbacks, the viewers who enjoy Meow, The Secret Boy, are discussing the possible direction of the plot, comparing it to the webtoon that was initially published in 2014.

With that in mind, some see Hong-Jo and Kim Sol-Ah’s relationship as opposites attract. There are many unique traits and details about Sol-Ah that compare her to dogs.

Is it possible that Kim Sol-Ah might be (become) a dog to contrast Hong-Jo, who is a cat?

Foreshadows that Kim Sol-Ah might be the ‘dog’

Foreshadowing points to Kim Sol-Ah “being a dog” throughout Meow, The Secret Boy. Some are associated with Sol-Ah’s preference, while others are associated with Sol-Ah’s attributes and personality.

Kim Sol-Ah doesn’t like cats — In the first episode, we learn that Kim Sol-Ah doesn’t like cats in general. This is shown when she takes in Hong-Jo because her crush, Lee Jae-Sun (Seo Ji-Hoon), is allergic to cats.

Hong-Jo adoption
Kim Sol-Ah decides to take in Hong-Jo after learning that Lee Jae-Sun is allergic to cats. Pic credit: Korean Broadcasting System (KBS)

Throughout the other eight episodes, Kim Sol-Ah rationalizes why she prefers dogs over cats. She believes dogs are loyal to people they love and that dogs show care and affection, while cats only do so occasionally.

Kim Sol-Ah is like a dog — Just like dogs, Kim Sol-Ah shows plenty of the stereotypical attributes and behaviors a dog has towards others.

She is very loyal and kind to those she loves to a fault. It is similar to the view that dogs are always loyal to their masters even if their masters are not good.

Kim Sol-Ah also seems to follow those she “considers her masters” around, bending over backward to be loyal to them.

An excellent example of this is her relationship, or lack of, with Lee Jae-Sun. He showed affection to her in the past, only to leave her high and dry for another woman. Despite this, Kim Sol-Ah still follows him around.

Kim Sol-Ah confession
When Lee Jae-Sun demands to take back Hong-Jo because Kim Sol-Ah doesn’t like cats, she retorts saying she likes Hong-Jo. Pic credit: Korean Broadcasting System (KBS)

However, Kim Sol-Ah becomes far more loyal to her cat, Hong-Jo, as time goes by.

There is a scene at the end of the eighth episode when Lee Jae-Sun tells her to give Hong-Jo to him. Sol-Ah steps back and prevents Jae-Sun from taking Hong-Jo from her.

When Jae-Sun retorts that Sol-Ah doesn’t like cats, she counters by confessing that she likes Hong-Jo.

Kim Sol-Ah says she is a dog — This is probably the most important hint that Kim Sol-Ah is either a “dog” or might possibly become one.

It is possible given the fact Hong-Jo can go back-and-forth between a cat and a human.

Probably the biggest revelation to viewers that Kim Sol-Ah sees herself as a dog is in the eighth episode.

Throughout the episode, Sol-Ah thinks she lost Hong-Jo and goes around looking for him. When her search proves fruitless, she eventually finds Hong-Jo in a box back at home.

After thinking Hong-Jo has disappeared, Kim Sol-Ah eventually finds Hong-Jo at home. Pic credit: Korean Broadcasting System (KBS)

While Kim Sol-Ah holds Hong-Jo in her arms, in which he transforms back into a human without her noticing, she makes a personal confession about herself and her relationship with Hong-Jo.

“There’s nothing I can do about being a dog. A dog that started loving a cat.”

The feelings that Kim Sol-Ah has for Hong-Jo opens a huge dynamic for the future, especially when she finds out that Hong-Jo has been her human housemate the whole time.

Also, Hong-Jo can only turn human when he is around Kim Sol-Ah. Since she sees herself as a dog, can it be possible she can turn into one when she is around Hong-Jo?

Only time will tell what happens as we progress through future episodes of Meow, The Secret Boy.

The K-drama airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10 p.m. KST on KBS, two episodes per day up to 32 episodes.

For international viewers, specifically in the Americas, Meow, The Secret Boy is available to watch for free, with ads, on Rakuten Viki.

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