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Melting Me Softly preview: New tvN K-Drama starring Ji Chang-Wook and Won Jin-Ah puts the leads in heartwarming situation 20 years in the making

Ji Chang-Wook and Won Jin-Ah -- Melting Me Softly
Ji Chang-Wook and Won Jin-Ah star as the main leads in the upcoming tvN K-drama, Melting Me Softly. Image Credit: Total Variety Network (tvN)

The Total Variety Network (tvN) plans to keep bringing the biggest and best K-dramas to viewers this year. They are showing off what they have in store after the third part of Arthdal Chronicles concludes.

The new K-drama is called Melting Me Softly, and it stars Ji Chang-Wook and Won Jin-Ah.

A love two decades in the making

Melting Me Softy is an upcoming romantic comedy that will air on tvN. It stars Ji Chang-Wook (The K2, Suspicious Partner) and Won Jin-Ah (Rain or Shine, Life).

According to the synopsis provided by both tvN and Rakuten Viki, Melting Me Softly is about two people who partake in a cryogenic freezing experiment. The first is Ma Dong-Chan (Ji Chang-Wook), a producing director who is highly successful when it comes to variety shows. The second is Go Mi-Ran (Won Jin-Ah), a woman who is working odd jobs to get by. This leads to her becoming a part-time test subject for Dong-Chan’s show Infinite Experiment Heaven.

The cryogenic freezing experiment is set to last only 24 hours. Afterward, the participants would go on with their lives with Go Mi-Ran receiving a participation payment of $4,200. Unfortunately, something goes wrong, and the duo ends up sleeping for 20 years. Both Ma Dong-Chan and Mi-Ran have not aged at all despite the fact all their friends and family have aged 20 years.

Another side-effect of the cryogenic freezing is that if Ma Dong-Chan or Go Mi-Ran’s bodies’ temperatures rise above 33° Celsius, they will die. This doesn’t seem like a problem until they fall in love with each other, causing their internal temperatures to rise.

Will Ma Dong-Chan and Go Mi-Ran fight back their feelings, or will they die in love? What happened that caused them to sleep for 20 years instead of 24 hours? All these questions will be answered in the upcoming series.

Melting Me Softly will take over the time slot and schedule currently occupied by Arthdal Chronicles on Saturday, September 28, at 9 p.m. KST. Subsequent episodes will air on Saturdays and Sundays at the same time for 16 total episodes.

Right now, it is expected that Melting Me Softly will be available for international audiences through Rakuten Viki.

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