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Lee Min-Jung’s family sends gifts and support to cast and crew of her K-Drama Fates And Furies

Lee Min-jung
Lee Min-jung is playing the female lead in weekend K-drama Fates and Furies. Pic credit: MS Team Entertainment

Lee Min-jung, the popular Korean actress known for her role in Rain’s K-drama Please Come Back Mister, is currently playing the lead role in Fates and Furies.

The K-drama just started but it seems she and her cast and crew are already getting plenty of love. Her family recently sent gifts and support to her and the workers on set.

Lee Min-jung’s family’s supporting deed was made known on Min-jung’s official Instagram account. She posted a picture of a banner her son “made” which reads, “SBS Drama ‘Fates and Furies’ director and staff! Please have strength despite the cold, and please take good care of my mother! From Joon-hoo.”

The gesture was cute. The uplifting words were definitely from Lee Min-jung’s son, but he probably got help with the professional banner from his dad, Lee Byung-hun.

Speaking of the father, Byung-hun also gave his love and support sending a food truck to the filming set on Tuesday, December 11, 2018. There are even reports of Byung-hun visiting the set to support his wife too.

How is Fates and Furies going?

Fates and Furies is doing well during its weekend time slot. It is right behind Memories of Alhambra in viewership ratings but it is still hitting double-digits. Not to mention it has time to either go head-to-head or even surpass its competition.

Goo Hae-ra (Lee Min-jung) is a smart and beautiful woman who happens to be in a miserable situation because of her family. Her older sister attempted to commit suicide and her father passed away leaving behind a massive amount of debt.

The only way Goo Hae-ra can escape her life situation is with money. Using whatever tactics she can, she approaches the second son of a huge shoe company, Tae In-joon (Joo Sang-wook). With the intent to only use In-joon for money, things change when both Hae-ra and In-joon fall in love. However, Hae-ra finds out In-joon’s family has something to do with her sister’s suicide. Will the truth catch up to the two?

Fates and Furies airs on Saturdays starting at 8:55 p.m. KST with four 35-minute episodes airing back-to-back. For those who don’t have access to Korean channels, Fates and Furies can be viewed internationally online via Rakuten Viki with a Viki Pass Standard.

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