Lee Kwang-Soo: The ‘Giraffe’ of Running Man negotiating return to Netflix original K-Variety series Busted! for third season

Lee Kwang-Soo in Busted!
Lee Kwang-Soo is one of the original cast members of the Netflix original K-variety show, Busted! Pic credit: Netflix

Back in May 2018, Netflix aired its first original Korean variety show, also known as a K-variety show, in the same style as Running Man, X-Man, and Infinite Challenge. The show was called Busted!

Featuring a cast of K-variety show veterans and popular Korean film stars, especially from popular K-dramas, Busted! became a huge hit. Not only that, it accomplished its underlying goal of being a hit show for South Korea, which can then be “consumed on the global stage.”

As a result of its popularity, Busted! aired a second season. Sadly, one of the show’s more popular cast members, Lee Kwang-Soo, was unable to return.

Fortunately, fans of Busted! may get the “Giraffe” of Running Man back. Reportedly, Lee Kwang-Soo is negotiating a return to the main cast in the third season.

King Kong by Starship confirms negotiations

On Friday, January 17, King Kong by Starship — the Korean entertainment agency representing Lee Kwang-Soo — confirmed that the popular star of K-variety shows and Korean film is negotiating to return to Busted!

A representative of King Kong by Starship said Kwang-Soo added that discussions are having a “favorable outlook.”

As mentioned earlier, Lee Kwang-Soo was one of the more famous cast members from the first season of Busted! He brought along his signature clumsiness and bumbling antics that made him popular as Running Man on the show.

What is Busted!, Netflix’s first K-variety show?

For those who haven’t seen or heard about Busted!, it is Netflix’s first original K-variety show.

In the first season, the cast members included K-variety veterans, Korean film stars, and K-pop idols. Yoo Jae-Suk (Running Man, Infinite Challenge), Lee Kwang-Soo (Running Man), and Kim Jong-Min (2 Days, 1 Night) are the K-variety show veterans.

Ahn Jae-Wook is an all-around singer/actor. Park Min-Young (I’ll Find You on a Beautiful Day, Her Private Life) is an actress who’s been very popular recently for romcoms. Finally, Sehun of EXO and Sejeong of Gugudan are K-pop idols.

In the second season, when Lee Kwang-Soo was not part of the main cast, “Ballad King” singer/actor Lee Seung-Gi took his place.

Busted! is a series in which the main cast plays sleuths who discover they are part of an operation called Project D. They are implemented with a chip containing the DNA of famous detectives throughout history.

Led by a man known as “K” (Ahn Nae-Sang), the sleuths are recruited as private detectives and receive a case to solve each episode. Along with solving each case, they also have to figure out the mystery behind Project D and its inception.

Right now, there is no word on when the third season of Busted! will air even start filming. However, the first and second seasons are available internationally on Netflix.

Take note viewers will need a subscription to the streaming site to watch the K-variety show.

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