Lee Kwang-Soo and Lee Sun-Bin dating: Running Man star and Sketch actress confirmed to be in a relationship

Lee Kwang-Soo and Lee Sun-Bin have been confirmed to be dating. Image Credit: King Kong by Starship and Imagine Asia

In the popular Korean variety show Running Run, there are certain couplings fans believe also exist in real life. For the longest time, fans thought the aforementioned was true for the Monday Couple of former cast member Gary and co-cast member Song Ji-Hyo. That was until Gary left the show and revealed he was engaged to someone else.

For Lee Kwang-Soo and Lee Sun-Bin, the fans got it right. The Running Man cast member and Sketch actress are confirmed to be in a relationship.

The news of Lee Kwang-Soo and Lee Sun-Bin’s relationship was first reported on Korean news outlets on December 31. King Kong by Starship, the entertainment agency Kwang-Soo is signed to, was first to provide an official statement to the press on the relationship.

“Lee Kwang Soo and Lee Sun Bin have been dating for five months. After meeting on Running Man, the two eventually became lovers, and they are currently accompanying each other to gatherings and introducing each other as their significant others.”

King Kong by Starship

The initial beginnings of the relationship began way back in 2016. Lee Sun-Bin was a guest on Running Man. At the time, Sun-Bin expressed her interest in Lee Kwang-Soo explaining that his way of bickering made her think they are well-suited for each other.

Kwang-Soo responded with overwhelming positivity. At one point in the episode, he even joked that he decided to start dating Sun-Bin and they’d be married by next week.

Lee Sun-Bin made her first appearance on Running Man back in 2016. Her chemistry with Lee Kwang-Soo was really good, too good in fact. Image Credit: Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS)

Lee Kwang-Soo and Lee Sun-Bin were ‘affectionate’ in public

Many of Lee Kwang-Soo and Lee Sun-Bin’s friends and family possibly knew about their relationship prior to it being revealed. For starters, both of them were said to be “affectionate” to each other even out in public.

Nevertheless, it seems that now Lee Kwang-Soo and Lee Sun-Bin’s relationship is out in the open, many are congratulating them. Ji Suk-Jin, one of Kwang-Soo’s fellow Running Man cast, expressed his congratulations during his show Ji Suk-Jin’s 2 O’Clock Date.

When asked by the show’s announcer Heo Il-Hoo if Suk-Jin knew about the relationship, he chose to say “No comment.” Instead, he gave his blessing.

“Lee Kwang-Soo has a really good personality. And while I’m not close with Lee Sun-Bin, I felt that she’s a good [person].”

Ji Suk-Jin on Ji Suk-Jin’s 2 O’Clock Date

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