Kang Ki-Young, actor of K-Drama What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?, reveals netizens influenced decision to marry girlfriend

Kang Ki-Young in Whats Wrong with Secretary Kim
Kang Ki-Young in What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? Pic credit: Total Variety Network (tvN)

Kang Ki-Young, the up-and-coming Korean actor recently known for the lead role in What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? recently married his non-celebrity girlfriend.

However, he made it known what influenced his decision to marry her.

Kang Ki-Young reveals netizens’ influence in his decision to marry

During the Wednesday episode of Radio Star, Kang Ki-Young revealed it was netizens who helped influence his decision to marry his girlfriend.

The part in which he talks about his girlfriend is shown in the video clip below.

For those who do not understand Korean or can’t read Hangul, a translation of what Kang Ki-Young said about marrying his girlfriend is quoted below.

“I confessed that I have a girlfriend during an interview following the drama ‘What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim.’ I read the comments under the article and no one was jealous.

The majority of the reactions stated, ‘I support you,’ ‘Hope you have a beautiful relationship.’ I realized my relationship doesn’t cause pain to anyone, and that I’m not like a teen star so I made my decision.”

Why were netizens’ views of Kang Ki-Young’s relationship important to him?

Most people who know very little of Korean culture and their mindset towards their stars probably don’t understand why Kang Ki-Young took into account netizens’ views of his relationship.

The thing is that fans in Korea can be far more “hardcore” than fans elsewhere.

A good example of Korean fans being hardcore-invested into their stars are with K-pop idols. Besides many following every single detail of K-pop idols’ lives, they also like to “have a say” in who they are dating.

For example, the fandom split between those who support and those who were angry when Hyuna and E’Dawn’s relationship was revealed.

Kang Ki-Young is more popular now than ever because of all his supporting and secondary roles he’s been taking.

Ki-Young is recognizable in Oh My Ghost!, Six Flying Dragons, Please Come Back Mister, W, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo, While You Were Sleeping, I’m Not a Robot, an What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?

Despite his exposure, Kang Ki-Young doesn’t have the “hardcore fans” that want what they want for his life. This includes his relationships.

On the other hand, he may not be as popular as many top tier Korean actors like Lee Jong-Suk or Song Joong-Ki.

Presently, Kang Ki-Young is filming a role in the upcoming JTBC K-drama titled The Moment of 18. For those who want to see him in previous K-dramas, What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? is available to watch in the Americas on Rakuten Viki.

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