Jun Ji-Hyun to star in Kingdom — K-Drama star of Legend of the Blue Sea reportedly joining cast of Netflix series

Jun Ji-Hyun
Jun Ji-Hyun, the lead actress of The Legend of the Blue Sea reportedly will join the cast of Kingdom. Image Credit: Culture Depot

South Korean dramas, better known as K-dramas, seem to be getting far more attention this year thanks to Netflix investing more of their time and resources into them.

After DramaFever closed down, it seemed as if the “original streaming site” stepped up in providing not just K-dramas, but more Asian content in general. We have them to thank for bringing the phenomenal The King’s Avatar legally to the Americas, for example.

Though it is good to win the viewing rights of popular K-dramas, it is better for the streaming site to create their own originals. DramaFever did it with co-productions (Heirs, Cantabile Tomorrow) and Viki did it with Viki Originals (Dramaworld).

With Netflix, their first original K-drama is Kingdom. Released earlier this year, it was such a success that it was renewed for a second and possibly third season. And now the K-drama’s star power is about to grow as Jun Ji-Hyun will reportedly join the cast in the upcoming seasons.

A powerhouse Korean actress enters the Kingdom

Jun Ji-Hyun, the actress best known for playing the female lead in My Love From Another Star and The Legend of the Blue Sea, is reportedly joining the cast of Kingdom for their second, and possibly third seasons.

The Kingdom production staff, as well as Netflix Korea, reportedly carried out negotiations to bring Ji-Hyun on board secretly as filming for the second season began last summer.

From what is known, Jun Ji-Hyun will not be playing any of the major lead roles. However, she will be playing a “critical role” towards the end of the second season which will continue onward into the third season. It is also reported that in the third season, she will be upgraded to a lead character.

Adding Jun Ji-Hyun to the cast will only add more star power to a series that already has a stellar cast including the lead of Princess Hours (also known as Goong) Ju Ji-Hoon and international Korean actress Bae Doona.

Four years since Jun Ji-Hyun’s last role

Jun Ji-Hyun being featured in Kingdom is not just huge news for the Netflix K-drama, but also huge news for fans of the actress. It has been nearly four years since Ji-Hyun starred in anything. For those who don’t remember, her last acting role was in The Legend of the Blue Sea back in 2016.

The reason why Jun Ji-Hyun hasn’t acted in anything new since The Legend of the Blue Sea was because of the birth of her second son back in 2018. As a matter of fact, the birth of her first son back in 2016 is the reason why there was a bit of a hiatus between My Love From Another Star and The Legend of the Blue Sea too.

The second season of Kingdom will be even more amazing now that Jun Ji-Hyun is part of the cast. However, the new season won’t air until March 2020.

For K-drama fans who haven’t seen the first season of Kingdom, it is available in its entirety exclusively on Netflix.

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