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Joseon Survival preview: Kang Ji-Hwan and Song Won-Seok play ‘losers’ as they fight for recognition in the past and present

Joseon Survival Poster
Kang Ji-Hwan and Song Won-Seok star in the time-travel K-drama, Joseon Survival. Image Credit: TV Chosun

OnDemandKorea (ODK) continues to up the ante as they continue to grow their list of exclusive dramas. Previously the streaming service featured their first four K-dramas, Nokdu Flower, Save Me 2, Voice 3, and Confession.

Now they have a new K-drama exclusive to their platform, Joseon Survival.

An archer and a butcher team up for the better

Joseon Survival is a K-drama that time travels between the Joseon dynasty and modern era. It stars Kang Ji-Hwan (Feel Good To Die, Children of A Lesser God), Song Won-Seok (Left-Handed Wife, My Only One), and Kyung Soo-Jin (Untouchable, Entourage).

Han Jung-Rok (Kang Ji-Hwan) was a top archer on the national Korean team, but he now works as a delivery man. All he wants not to do is make ends meet and live a quiet life with his family.

One day, he travels back to the 16th century Chosun and meets an enraged young man, Im Kkeok-Jeong (Song Won-Seok). Kkeok-Jeong is talented, smart, and handsome, but he is designed to his family’s job of being butcher, which is the lowest class in Joseon.

Han Jung-Rok and Im Kkeok-Jeong are tired of their current situation and decide to work together to make their lives better as they travel between the past and present.

To make things more challenging, malignant enemies are also traveling between the past and present and the two must do all they can to protect the ones they love.

Joseon Survival is a unique take on both a period and time travel drama. Right now, six episodes have aired and the viewership ratings are averaging around 1.5 percent viewership ratings. The series is running for 20 episodes so it still has time to grow in viewership.

Joseon Survival airs on Chosun TV on Saturdays and Sundays at 10:50 p.m. KST. For international viewers especially those in the Americas, Joseon Survival is available exclusively on OnDemandKorea via ODK Plus subscription.

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