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Ji Chang-Wook’s rumored ties to ‘Madame Lin’ of Burning Sun scandal clarified by SBS

Ji Chang-Wook
Ji Chang-Wook was rumored to be linked to “Madam Lin” of the Burning Sun scandal. Image Credit: Glorious Entertainment

Ji Chang-Wook, the popular Korean actor known for his Korean television roles in Yong Pal, The K2, and Suspicious Partner, was inadvertently linked to The Burning Sun scandal.

The network that caused the inadvertent link the actor to the scandal, the Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS), came forward to clarify on the situation.

Inadvertently linked to the biggest scandal in Hallyu History

The Burning Sun scandal centered on Seungri formerly of K-pop boy group Big Bang has easily become the biggest scandal in Hallyu history.

On March 23, 2019, SBS covered the scandal through their investigation program, Unanswered Questions. In it, they revealed the identity of “Madam Lin,” a Taiwanese investor who owns 20 percent of The Burning Sun’s shares.

Ji Chang-Wook with Madam Lin
SBS investigative show Unanswered Questions showed a picture of Ji Chang-Wook with Madam Lin of the Burning Sun scandal. Image Credit: Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS)

Numerous images of “Madam Lin” with various Korean celebrities were shown. One image showed her with Ji Chang-Wook. This caused rumors and speculation to arise about Chang-Wook’s involvement in The Burning Sun scandal.

Glorious Entertainment fights back

Not long after rumors and speculation of Ji Chang-Wook being linked to The Burning Sun scandal arose, Chang-Wook’s agency Glorious Entertainment quickly responded in his defense.

“Hello, this is Glorious Entertainment.

Our company’s actor [Ji Chang-Wook] has no relation to the individual in the photo that was shown in the broadcast. As a fan, she requested [for a photo together], and he agreed to it.

This situation is leading to the spread of false rumors, malicious rumors, and sexual harassment towards the company’s actor, causing serious damage to the actor’s reputation.

This is causing harm and pain to the actor, as well as his family and fans who are watching the situation.

We ask you to refrain from writing, posting, and spreading speculative rumors about the matter at hand.

By utilizing the reports we received [about false rumors] and personally monitoring [the internet], we will do our best to protect our actor.

Lastly, we thank the actor’s fans for always cheering for him and steadily sending him love.”

SBS clarifies their responsibility in the rumors

On March 24, 2019, at approximately 2:30 p.m., KST, SBS clarified the rumors surrounding Ji Chang-Wook and his involvement in The Burning Sun scandal.

A source from Unanswered Questions came forward to clarify the situation with Ji Chang-Wook and his connection to “Madam Lin.”

“We used photos of Madam Lin with celebrities to explain that she was acquainted with Korean celebrities. We were not suggesting that Ji Chang-Wook was tied to the Burning Sun Gate.”

Let’s hope that SBS is able to rectify the possible damage they did to Ji Chang-Wook in inadvertently linking him to The Burning Sun scandal. If not, it is quite possible they may face legal action from Glorious Entertainment.

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