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Itaewon Class upcoming finale: Will Park Sae-Royi have to choose between Jo Yi-Seo or IC Corporation? [Spoilers]

Itaewon Class promotional poster
Kim Da-Mi and Park Seo-Joon in one of the promotional posters for Itaewon Class. Pic credit: Joongang Tongyang Broadcasting Corporation (JTBC)

One of the more popular and entertaining series starting halfway through the 2019-2020 winter season for K-dramas is Itaewon Class.

Making its premiere in late January, fans watched with bated breath as Park Sae-Royi (Park Seo-Joon) overcame the odds, becoming the number one food company in Korea.

Park Sae-Royi’s pursuit of becoming the number one food company in Korea is one of the primary plot points. However, there is another that just made a revolutionary turn.

After all this time, Sae-Royi has finally fallen in love with the woman who has truly loved him since his start as the owner of DanBam, Jo Yi-Seo (Kim Da-Mi).

However, something big happened in the 14th episode, the last before the finale of Itaewon Class. Will Park Sae-Royi have to choose between Jo Yi-Seo or IC Corporation?

Almost Number One

Before continuing, it must be noted that the following article contains plenty of spoilers leading up to the finale.

On the 13th episode of Itaewon Class, Park Sae-Royi was able to get Kim Soon-rye (Kim Mi-Kyung), an extremely wealthy landlord/businesswoman who is also a regular at DanBam, to be an investor.

The deal was she would invest if Ma Hyun-Yi (Lee Joo-Young) won first place in The Best Pub show.

Years later, after Kim Soon-rye invests in Park Sae-Royi’s company, Sae-Royi made Itaewon Class Corporation a reality. Constantly doing their best to reach the goal of being the number one food company in Korea, Sae-Royi is very close to achieving his goal.

Itaewon Class Corporation
Thanks to an investment and going into the Chinese market, Park Sae-Royi franchises DanBam into Itaewon Class Corporation. Pic credit: Joongang Tongyang Broadcasting Company (JTBC)

The reason Park Sae-Royi wants to become the number one food company in Korea is more of a personal agenda than personal desire.

He wants to take down Jangga Group, specifically CEO Jang Dae-Hee (Yoo Jae-Myung), for what he did to him and his late father.

Jo Yi-Seo, who works under him at Itaewon Class Corporation, found a way for Park Sae-Royi to achieve his dream. But, to pull it off, she is continually overworking.

If she does succeed, Itaewon Class Corporation will overtake Jangga Group, becoming the number one food company in Korea.

Is being the best still Park Sae-Royi’s dream?

Jo Yi-Seo’s plan to figuratively accomplish Park Sae-Royi’s “dream,” which we established is more like an agenda, almost succeeded.

However, overworking took a toll on her health.

While heading into a meeting at Jangga Group as a consultant, one who would negatively impact the company, she faints.

Park Sae-Royi is clearly concerned for Jo Yi-Seo, which shows that after all this time, he finally has or at least finally shows feelings for her.

While trying to rationalize his feelings, we learn that one of the biggest reasons why he did not pursue them is because “his good friend is in love with her.”

That “good friend” is Jang Geun-Soo. Geun-Soo returned to Jangga Group and is now a competitor to Itaewon Class Corporation.

However, Park Sae-Royi still considers him his “younger brother,” from back to the days when Geun-Soo worked as a staff member at DanBam.

This time, however, Park Sae-Royi has decided to “be selfish” and not hold back anymore. He admits to Jang Geun-Soo he loves Jo Yi-Seo.

Park Sae-Royi runs back to the hospital where Jo Yi-Seo is checked in after fainting possibly to finally admit to her he loves her. However, she is nowhere to be found.

He receives a message revealing she’s been kidnapped by Jang Geun-Won (Ahn Bo-Hyun). This is CEO Jang’s son, who went to prison for killing Sae-Royi’s father in a hit-and-run car accident, and who is now out for good behavior.

Despite all that CEO Jang has done to his son, Jang Geun-Won still wants to protect Jangga Group. He resorts to gangster tactics in which he lures Park Sae-Royi to a trap.

Following Jang Geun-Won’s orders, Park Sae-Royi meets him at an undisclosed area. Jang Geun-Soo follows Sae-Royi and falls into the trap too.

When Geun-Soo triggers the trap, a car about to run him over, Sae-Royi pushes him out of the way and takes the hit instead.

This ending to the episode is the scene that goes “full circle” back to the initial cause of the conflict. Back then, Jang Geun-Won accidentally killed Park Sae-Royi’s father in his car.

This time, he is purposely using a car to try and murder Sae-Royi.

Park Sae-Royi possibly dying
Park Sae-Royi only thinks of Jo Yi-Seo while possibly dying after being hit by a car. Pic credit: Joongang Tongyang Broadcasting Company

The attempted murder should have kickstarted or revitalized Park Sae-Royi’s dream to take down Jangga Group. However, while possibly dying on the ground, Sae-Royi can only think of one person: Jo Yi-Seo.

From how the 14th episode ended, if Park Sae-Royi survives, he will be given a choice.

Will he continue to pursue becoming the number one food company in Korea and, in turn, defeat Jangga Group? Or will he give up his pursuit and choose to be with the woman he loves?

Viewers will find out what happens when Itaewon Class airs its penultimate and final episodes later this week.

It airs this coming Friday and Saturday at 11 p.m. KST on the Joongang Tongyang Broadcasting Company (JTBC).

For international fans, the K-dramas is available to watch in all regions through Netflix. Take note, viewers will need a subscription to the video streaming service to watch the series.

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