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Itaewon Class Preview: Park Seo-Joon and Kim Da-Mi star in revenge K-Drama that is ‘high school’ literally and figuratively

Park Seo-Joon in Itaewon Class
Park Seo-Joon plays the lead role in the upcoming JTBC K-drama, Itaewon Class. Pic credit: Joongang Tongyang Broadcasting Corporation (JTBC)

Park Seo-Joon, the popular Korean actor known for his roles in What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?, She Was Pretty and Hwarang, is making his return to K-dramas in the upcoming series, Itaewon Class.

He will be joined by a fairly new Korean actress, Kim Da-Mi, who is best known for her role in The Witch K-movies.

From high school avenging to restaurant revenging

Itaewon Class is best described as a “high school” K-drama both literally and figuratively. The reason why it is both is the fact the series does technically start out in high school but eventually progresses to the restaurant industry. Despite this, the “high school aura” or “mentality” will be present throughout the series nevertheless.

The series starts out with Park Sae-Roy (Park Seo-Joon) attending his first day at his new school. During the day, Sae-Roy hits Jang Geun-Won (Ahn Bo-Hyun), the selfish and troubled eldest son of Jang Ga Group’s CEO, Jang Dae-Hee. By happenstance, Dae-Hee is also the head of the restaurant Sae-Roy’s father works at.

Jang Dae-Hee demands Park Sae-Roy’s father to apologize to his son but Sae-Roy’s father refuses. As a result, he is fired from the restaurant and Sae-Roy is expelled from high school.

Unfortunately, Sae-Roy’s father dies in a motorcycle accident caused by Jang Geun-Won. In a fit of loathing rage, Sae-Roy assaults Geun-Won but is caught and sent to prison.

When he is finally free, Park Sae-Roy vows to take down Jang Geun-Won, Jang Dae-Hee, and the Jang Ga Group. He does this by opening a restaurant in Itaewon.

To help, he hires Jo Yi-Seo (Kim Da-Mi), a famous blogger and star on social media, as his restaurant manager. Along with a motley crew of other “unique personalities” that seem to be tied to the restaurant business or the Jang Ga Group, the “Itaewon Class” will take down their competition.

Some facts about Itaewon Class before it airs

Just by the synopsis alone, Itaewon Class seems like it will be another hit K-drama for Netflix to add to their list. However, there are some details about the series before it airs.

For starters, it is based on the webcomic of the same name which was published from December 27, 2016, to July 3, 2018, through the Daum Webtoon Company. The series has a lot to work within its story if it is a single series. It also has potential for being multi-season, a format Korean television is starting to pick up more with their K-dramas.

Next, this will be the first drama series produced by the movie company Showbox. For those who don’t know, they are the production company responsible for some of the most popular K-movies including 200 Pounds Beauty and Gangnam Blues.

Itaewon Class will air its first episode this coming Friday, February 1, 2020, at 11 p.m. KST on JTBC. Subsequent episodes will air on Fridays and Saturdays at the same time up to 16 episodes.

As for international audiences, Itaewon Class will air exclusively on Netflix. Take note that viewers will need a subscription to the streaming service to watch the K-drama.

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