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I’ll Go to You When the Weather is Fine recap: Rundown of the JTBC K-Drama before COVID-19 shutdown

Park Min-Young and Seo Kang-Joon pose for the official poster for I’ll Come to You When the Weather is Fine. Pic credit: JTBC

Late last month, the Winter-to-Spring season of K-dramas initiated with numerous debuts. One of those K-dramas starting at the time was I’ll Go to You When the Weather is Fine. Starring Park Min-Young and Seo Kang-Joon, the simple and clean love story enchanted viewers.

Unfortunately, Korea — just like the rest of the world — was struck by the pandemic of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). As a result, the Joongang Tongyang Broadcasting Company (JTBC) decided to push back all subsequent episodes, starting with episode five, back by one week to secure a safe production environment.

Now with Korea managing the COVID-19 pandemic better, JTBC is able to continue production of I’ll Go to You When the Weather is Fine. Since two weeks have passed since the fourth episode and the upcoming airing of the fifth episode, this is a recap of the more important points viewers learned from the first four episodes.

Mok Hae-Won’s former close friend appears

Despite I’ll Go to You When the Weather is Fine summarizing itself as a simple and clean love story initially, this is a K-drama and most of the time, a love story is never really simple or clean.

There has to be some form of stress or conflict on at least one of the main characters. In this case, it is Mok Hae-Won (Park Min-Young) as her former close friend Kim Bo-Young (Im Se-Mi) appears.

Im Se-Mi in I'll Go to You When the Weather is Fine
Im Se-Mi plays Kim Bo-Young, Mok Hae-Won’s close friend during their time in high school. Pic credit: JTBC

Kim Bo-Young makes her first appearance at the end of the second episode of I’ll Go to You When the Weather is Fine. While Mok Hae-Won and Im Eun-Seob (Seo Kang-Joon) enjoy a hot drink and light conversation on the porch of the Goodnight Bookstore, Bo-Young suddenly appears and introduces herself.

At the time, viewers notice Mok Hae-Won has some animosity towards Kim Bo-Young. Through flashbacks, we learn not just why she dislikes Bo-Young but something debilitating about her past.

Apparently, Mok Hae-Won moved in with her aunt, Shim Myeong-Yeo (Moon Jeong-Hee) for a “fresh start.” Her mother killed her father and the stigma of that horrendous crime negatively branded Hae-Won in her community.

In Bookhyun Village, nobody outside her family knows about Mok Hae-Won’s past except for Kim Bo-Young. In a moment of trust, Hae-Won reveals her past to Bo-Young but eventually, the school knows too and it is believed that Bo-Young revealed Hae-Won’s past to everyone else.

Mok Hae-Won and Kim Bo-Young fight
Kim Bo-Young (Im Se-Mi) tries to explain to Mok Hae-Won (Park Min-Young) that the school knowing about her past is a misunderstanding. Pic credit: JTBC

Kim Bo-Young finds Mok Hae-Won and tries to explain that the school knowing about Hae-Won’s past is a misunderstanding. We eventually learn what that misunderstanding is but it is not a good enough reason for Bo-Young to expose Hae-Won’s secret.

The question now is if Mok Hae-Won will be able to forgive Kim Bo-Young for her past transgression. Hae-Won wasn’t the only one suffering as Bo-Young has also suffered too for the choice she made.

The Wolf’s Silver Eyelash

During one of the book club’s meetings/get-togethers in the Goodnight Bookstore, the members discuss what their favorite legends are. Im Eum-Seob talks about his favorite legend, the wolf’s silver eyelash.

According to Im Eun-Seob, the legend is about a naive and innocent boy who is always tricked and manipulated by other people. One day, he goes up to the woods and comes across a wolf who takes his eyebrow. The wolf then offers to return the eyebrow which grants the boy the ability to see people for who they really are.

Unfortunately, everyone he sees with the eyebrow is not human. They are either a cunning monkey, sly fox, mean pig, or another animal. As a result, the boy decides to go back to the mountains in search of real humans. Sadly, he never finds one.

Later on in the episode, Mok Hae-Won finds out that Im Eun-Seob went up the mountain. She desperately searches for him and when she is found — as Eun-Seob knows the mountain — Hae-Won hugs him tightly in an attempt to show he is loved and cared for.

Im Eun-Seob's cabin in the woods
Im Eun-Seob stays in a cabin in the woods whenever he climbs up the mountain. We don’t know the significance of the cabin, such as who owns it just yet. Pic credit: JTBC

Afterward, we learn that Im Eun-Seob has gone up the mountain numerous times. The question is why? We know there is a cabin up there but is there any significance to Im Eun-Seob?

There are more mysteries that need to be solved in I’ll Go to You When the Weather is Fine. For now, these are the two biggest ones that seem to center on the story.

I’ll Go to You When the Weather is Fine will air subsequent episodes on Mondays and Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m. KST, on JTBC. For international viewers, the K-drama is available to watch for free, with ads, on Rakuten Viki, but may not be available in all regions.

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