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Idol Room concluding: JTBC K-Variety show featuring K-Pop acts during their comebacks to end with last guest SECHSKIES

Idol Room
Idol Room is hosted by Jeong Hyeong-Don and Defconn. Just recently, it was announced the show would come to an end. Pic credit: Joongang Tongyang Broadcasting Corporation (JTBC)

In K-pop, whenever an act makes a comeback, there are usually two things they do as part of their post-release promotions.

The first is competing in music competition shows in hopes of winning first place trophies for their performances. The second is appearing on K-variety shows to help promote their releases.

One of the more popular K-variety shows K-pop acts usually show up on is Idol Room. Hosted by Jeong Hyeong-Don and Defconn, the show often has the K-pop idols talk about their recent comeback, recent activities in their careers, and at times partake in fun games.

The ultimate goal for Idol Room is to be an idol-specialized program with the best credibility in promoting K-pop acts during their debuts and comebacks.

Sadly, what Jeong Hyeong-Don and Defconn have been doing for the last two years will come to an end. Idol Room will conclude with Sechkies (often stylized in all capital letters) as their last guest.

The end of a show promoting K-pop acts

The news of Idol Room ending was first announced by the Korean news outlet Joy News 24. According to their report, Idol Room will be airing its final episode on Tuesday, February 11, 2020.

Their final guest will be Sechkies who recently made their comeback as a four-member boy group on January 28.

Eventually, on January 30, a source representing Idol Room confirmed that the show was coming to an end. They provided the following statement to the public:

“We will wrap up the season with the 87th episode on February 11. We finished all the recordings on Monday, and the final guest is Sechkies. We will do our best to bring [the show] to a successful conclusion.”

Reasons for Idol Room concluding

At this moment, there are no real reasons why Idol Room is concluding. However, many K-pop fans have their views on what the reasons might be.

Some K-pop fans believe Idol Room is ending due to Jeong Hyeong-Don and Defconn (often known as Don Hee and Con Hee on the show) “abusing” their guests.

This reasoning is mostly from the A.R.M.Y. (BTS fans) and EXO-L (EXO fans), as some say it is the reason why BTS and EXO have never been on Idol Room.

However, some fans defended the hosts, saying it is “just their kind of humor.”


Even though Idol Room is coming to an end, Weekly Idol, the show that Jeong Hyeong-Don and Defconn were previously the hosts for is still going.

As mentioned earlier, Sechskies will be Idol Room’s last broadcast. Until then, the video above showcases Sechskies random play dance during their appearance on Weekly Idol when Hyeong-Don and Defconn were still hosts.

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