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Hyena preview: Kim Hye-Soo and Joo Ji-Hoon show how lawyers of the elite one percent of society live their best lives in upcoming SBS K-drama

Hyena -- Kim Hye-Soo
Kim Hye-Soo (pictured) and Joo Ji-Hoon play the lead roles in the upcoming K-drama, Hyena. Pic credit: SBS

When it comes to the legal system, Korean television has this amazing ability to utilize the concept and turn it into some of the most entertaining television worth watching. For example, Legal High took the legal system concept and incorporated it into high school living and society. To be fair, though, Legal High was originally a J-drama, but that is beside the point.

In short, Korean television knows how to make the legal system interesting. With that in mind, the newest legal K-drama will be releasing very soon on the Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) and it is titled Hyena. Starring Kim Hye-Soo and Joo Ji-Hoon, the two Hallyu stars want to show how the lawyers of the elite one percent of society live their best lives.

Representing the cream of the crop

As mentioned earlier, Hyena is a legal K-drama about lawyers who represent the top one percent of society — better known as the elite. The series will center on two lawyers — Yoon Hee-Jae and Jung Geum-Ja.

Yoon Hee-Jae (Joo Ji-Hoon) is an elite lawyer who is smart and confident at his job. In short, he is a lawyer who goes by the book and represents the best a lawyer can be even for the one percent of society.

Jung Geum-Ja (Kim Hye-Soo) is only in the field for the immense amount of money she is paid. She wins cases by any means necessary. This includes underhanded and unsavory tactics.

We don’t know exactly what the conflict will be. However, it is hinted in the recently-released preview of Hyena that Yoon Hee-Jae and Jung Geung-Ja will be going head-to-head and toe-to-toe.

For those who don’t understand what the voice-overs are saying, it talks about how this male (Yoon Hee-Jae) “stands out from the crowd for his quick problem-solving skills.” However, he “frequently gets his food stolen” from this female (Jung Geum-Ha) and that this female “never lets go of her prey.”

The trailer concludes with the line, “The name of this animal that throws its whole body after smelling money is a hyena.” In short, we now know that the “hyena” is Jung Geum-Ha.

When and where can viewers what Hyena?

Hyena will debut on SBS on Friday, February 21, at 10 p.m. KST. Subsequent episodes will air on Fridays and Saturdays at the same time. At this moment, it is unknown how many episodes the K-drama will run.

As for international audiences, Hyena will be available exclusively on Netflix. New episodes will be uploaded to the streaming service approximately one hour after the episode airs in Korea. Take note that viewers will need a subscription to Netflix to watch Hyena.

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