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Her Private Life upcoming finale: What is the relationship between Ryan Gold and Cha Shi-An? [Spoilers]

One and Kim Jae-Wook in Her Private Life
One and Kim Jae-Wook play Cha Shi-An and Ryan Gold respectively in the K-drama, Her Private Life. Pic credit: Total Variety Network (tvN)

Total Variety Network (tvN) once again aired another hit comedy starring Park Min-Young with Her Private Life. With only four episodes left, fans have one situation left that the show needs to resolve.

What is the hidden relationship, if any, between Ryan Gold and Cha Shi-An?

An underlying situation since the first episode

The relationship may have gone under the radar of many fans since it was not on the forefront of the K-drama’s plot.

Let’s be frank. Most fans watching Her Private Life anticipated the relationship between Sung Duk-Mi (Park Min-Young), a curator at Cheum Museum of Art who leads a double-life as an “ultimate fangirl” for Cha Shi-An (One) of White Ocean, and Ryan Gold (Kim Jae-Wook), the director of Cheum Museum of Art who generally is not interested in other people’s lives yet starts to form an interest in Duk-Mi.

As of now, the relationship between Sung Duk-Mi and Ryan Gold is by all accounts resolved. It seems they will live the K-drama “Happily Ever After.”

What we need to find out now is what is the real relationship between Ryan Gold and Cha Shi-An?

We know both have an interest in Lee Sol’s paintings. This occurs in the first episode when Duk-Mi and Ryan try to outbid each other for one of Lee Sol’s paintings on auction.

Take note that Ryan wants to add the painting to his collection of Lee Sol’s paintings while Duk-Mi, being the “ultimate fangirl” she is, knows Cha Shi-An is collecting Lee Sol paintings.

Ultimately, Ryan Gold is able to procure the painting much to the chagrin of Sung Duk-Mi. Throughout the series, we get more scenes foreshadowing a relationship between Ryan and Cha Shi-An through Lee Sol’s paintings.

We eventually find out if such a relationship exists in the last two episodes of Her Private Life.

Ryan Gold and Cha Shi-An are brothers?

Throughout Her Private Life, a brotherly relationship between Ryan Gold and Cha Shi-An starts to develop. This plays out based on how Ryan and Shi-An act around each other as they come off as brothers.

Both even talk casually with each other with Shi-An now calling Ryan “hyung” — an honorific term for an older brother.

Probably the biggest revelation of Ryan Gold and Cha Shi-An being brothers was in the 12th episode. Ryan reveals to Sung Duk-Mi the reason he is collecting Lee Sol paintings is that he believes Lee Sol is his mother, a theory he has formed from memories of his childhood.

On the other hand, we find out that Shi-An’s mother is Lee Sol and that Shi-An is collecting her paintings for her.

If there were only two episodes left, Ryan Gold and Cha Shi-An being brothers would have been likely. But with four episodes left instead, there might be some plot twist we have yet to see.

Her Private Life airs on tvN on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. KST up to 16 episodes.

For those who do not have access to Korean networks — specifically, those living in the Americas — Her Private Life airs exclusively, free with ads, on Rakuten Viki.

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