Han Ye-Seul considering lead role in upcoming SBS K-Drama Big Issue

Han Ye-seul
Han Ye-seul is considering the lead role in an upcoming SBS K-drama. Image Credit: KeyEast

Popular Hallyu star Han Ye-seul might be making her long-awaited return to the Korean small screen in 2019. She is considering the lead role in an upcoming K-drama on the Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) titled Big Issue.

The news of Han Ye-seul’s possible role in Big Issue was made known on Friday, November 23, 2018 KST. The entertainment agency now representing her since at least July 3, 2018, Partners Park, provided a statement on the negotiations.

“After Han Ye-seul was offered a role in SBS’s upcoming Wednesday and Thursday drama Big Issue,  she is currently in the stages of thoroughly considering the offer. Nothing has been confirmed yet.”

Said negotiations were not revealed, but it is believed Han Ye-seul may be discussing certain conditions such as work hours and overall pay. Other things that might be in discussion is how her character is represented as the roles certain actors take can be seen as an extension of the actor themselves.

As for Big Issue, not much has been released on what the K-drama is about. What we do know is the plot is centered around paparazzi media. It is about a man who list his job and family due to one photo, an about a notorious paparazzi editor-in-chief. If Han Ye-seul takes the role, she will be playing the notorious paparazzi editor-in-chief named Ji Soo-hyeon.

Returning to the Korean small screen in over a year

If Han Ye-seul accepts the offer for the lead role of Ji Soo-hyeon in Big Issue, it will be her first K-drama role in over a year. She played the main female lead in two K-dramas back in 2016. The first was Madame Antoine and the second was 20th Century Boy and Girl.

Firstly in Madame Antoine, Han Ye-seul plays Ko Hye-rim, a con-artist and fortune teller in her early 30s who runs a cafe called “Madame Antoine.” She cons people out of their money by making people believe that she has a special connection to the ghost of Mary Antoinette with the help of her excellent observational skills. Despite conning people, she does have a good heart and usually uses the con to help people while using their money to pay for her daughter’s tuition.

Secondly in 20th Century Boy and Girl, Han Ye-seul plays Sa Jin-jin, an idol-turned-actress who is adored by many. Despite her beauty and fame, she has never dated before which is saying something at that point in her life as she is in her 30s.

Sadly, neither Madame Antoine or 20th Century Boy and Girl made a return in investment via viewership. That fact might be one of the reasons why she hasn’t been in any acting gigs since. It is also possible she was busy with other situations in her life at the time such as her botched surgery last April or her switching agencies from KeyEast to Partners Park last July.

Big Issue is set to release sometime in February of 2019. It will run two 35-minute long episodes per day on Wednesdays and Thursdays on the SBS. There is no news as of yet on which streaming service Big Issue will air on, but since it is being produced under one of the “Big Four” Korean public broadcasting systems, Big Issue might air on numerous streaming platforms internationally.

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