Han Ye-Seul and Namgoong Min negotiating with tvN to be main leads in upcoming romance mystery K-Drama

Han Ye-Seul and Namgoong Min
Han Ye-Seul and Namgoong Min are negotiating the main leads in an upcoming K-drama by tvN. Pic credit: Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS)

The Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) has brought in the new year on a high note as Hot Stove League continues to do very well among domestic and international viewers. The K-drama presents a favorable turnaround as the Korean network’s previous K-drama, Big Issue, literally had issues.

Despite the contrasting success of the two, it seems the Total Variety Network (tvN) is taking stock in two of the leads from the K-dramas, Han Ye-Seul and Namgoong Min. Both Korean film stars are negotiating with the network to play the main leads in an upcoming romance mystery K-drama.

Han Ye-Seul and Namgoong Min: New leads in tvN K-drama?

The news of Han Ye-Seul and Namgoong Min possibly playing the leads in an upcoming tvN K-drama was made known just days ago. The agencies for both actors’ confirmed that the two have been offered the leading roles in the upcoming series, which is currently known as Night and Day.

Han Ye-Seul’s agency, Partners Park, and Namgoong Min’s agency, 935 Entertainment, provided the following statements pertaining to their respective actors being offered lead roles in the upcoming tvN K-drama.

Partners Park: “She [Han Ye-Seul] has received a casting offer for the drama and is reviewing it with a favorable outlook. She has not yet come to a final decision.”

935 Entertainment: “Nothing has yet been confirmed. He [Namgoong Min] has received offers for both films and dramas, so we don’t know yet which he’ll come to a decision on first. At the moment, he is focusing on Stove League.”

As for Night and Day, not much has been released about the upcoming K-drama as it is set to air approximately August 2020. What we do know is it is a suspenseful mystery drama about good and evil. It will follow the connections between mystery unfolding in the present and the secrets behind an incident that took place in a village 26 years ago.

Han Ye-Seul was offered the role of FBI agent Jamie Layton while Namgoong Min was offered the role of the fashion-challenged police detective Do Jung-Woo.

The news of Han Ye-Seul and Namgoong Min being offered the roles for Night and Day is just what it is, an offer. Right now, it seems that Ye-Seul may be considering the role more so than Namgoong Min but we will know more the closer we get to August 2020.

For K-drama fans who want to see Han Ye-Seul’s and Namgoong Min’s past work, the latest K-dramas of both actors are available to view on Rakuten Viki.

Ye-Seul was in Big Issue which aired back in Spring 2019. As for Namgoong Min, Hot Stove League is currently on air. Both series are free-to-watch.

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