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Ha Seok-Jin on Crash Landing On You: Who is Ri Jung-Hyuk’s (Hyun Bin) brother Ri Moo-Hyuk and what is his importance on the tvN K-Drama?

Ha Seok-Jin
Ha Seok-Jin plays Ri Moo-Hyuk on Crash Landing On You. Pic credit: Total Variety Network

K-drama fans are coming up on the mid-series episodes for Crash Landing On You and it doesn’t seem like Yoon Se-Ri (Son Ye-Jin) is any closer getting back home to South Korea. It doesn’t help that at every turn, the antagonistic forces that oppose her and Ri Jung-Hyuk (Hyun Bin) seem to want to make sure she stays in North Korea.

With the mid-series episodes coming up, however, it can be assumed that Yoon Se-Ri and Ri Jung-Hyuk will “escape to the south” soon. The opening credits do foreshadow Jung-Hyuk adjusting and living in South Korea as well.

There is one little detail from the K-drama that is shrouded in mystery but that seems to play a very important role in the story: Ri Jung-Hyuk’s brother, Ri Moo-Hyuk (Ha Seok-Jin). Who is he and what is his role? Why is he so important?

Ha Seok-Jin will play a very important supporting cast role

Ha Seok-Jin appearing on Crash Landing On You was known since early last month. On December 7, the producers of the K-drama announced that the popular actor known for his roles from Radiant Office, Let’s Drink, and Your House Helper, would play Ri Moo-Hyuk. They also revealed that Moo-Hyuk will “have a hidden secret.”

Given the details we know about Ri Moo-Hyuk over the last six episodes of Crash Landing On You, the brothers’ father, who is an extremely high-ranking official specifically the General Political Bureau of North Korean army, wants at least one of his sons to join the army. Ri Moo-Hyuk quickly volunteers so Ri Jung-Hyuk can pursue his dreams playing the piano.

Unfortunately, something happens in which Ri Moo-Hyuk disappears and Ri Jung-Hyuk joins the North Korean army afterward. We don’t know exactly what caused the events to happen but it is a driving factor in the plot.

Did Ri Moo-Hyuk escape to the south?

There are multiple theories about what happened to Ri Moo-Hyuk. Some say he might have died but the series is playing his character out as if he is still alive. It is highly-probable that Moo-Hyuk escaped to the south and is now living Ri Jung-Hyuk’s dream in his place. We do know that Jung-Hyuk believes Moo-Hyuk is better at the piano than he is. With that in mind, Moo-Hyuk might be a popular pianist in the south now.

Whatever the case may be, we hope to find out what exactly happened to Ri Moo-Hyuk as the series progresses forward.

Crash Landing On You airs episodes on Saturdays and Sundays at 9 p.m. KST on tvN.

For international fans, especially those living in the Americas, Crash Landing On You is available to watch exclusively on Netflix. Take note that viewers will need to have a subscription to the streaming service in order to watch the K-drama.

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