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Graceful Family upcoming K-Drama finale: How will the ‘hidden family secret’ affect the future of MC Group? [Spoilers]

Graceful Family -- Whole Family -- Featured
MC Group is wholly owned by the Mo Family and protected/assisted by TOP. Pic credit: Maeil Broadcasting Network (MBN/Dramax)

The last 14 episodes of Graceful Family has been a roller-coaster ride for its viewers. There were so many secrets with each family member, and following the plot was like experiencing endless twists and turns.

Probably the biggest twist to date was with the eldest “good” son of Chairman Mo Cheol-Hee (Jung Won-Joong). Mo Wan-Joon (Kim Jin-Woo) revealed he was transgender.

Now K-drama fans can’t wait for the penultimate and final episodes of Graceful Family after what transpired at the end of episode 14. A “hidden family secret” between Mo Seok-Hee (Im Soo-Hyang) and Mo Cheol-Hee came to light.

If this “hidden family secret” goes public, it would change the very landscape of MC Group.

A bombshell secret in the Mo Family

Before revealing the “hidden family secret,” it should be noted that the last two episodes were excellent. The pace has picked up as Mo Seok-Hee has started to push her presence in taking over MC Group.

The Kingmaker, Director Han Je-Kook (Bae Jong-Ok), had to utilize all her resources at TOP to keep up with Seok-Hee. While doing so, she starts to wonder why Mo Cheol-Hee is doing all he can to get rid of Seok-Hee.

Using her resources at TOP yet again, she investigated the situation on a probability she hypothesized, which turned out to be true.

Graceful Family -- Ep14 End
Director Han Je-Kook (Bae Jong-Ok) figures out that Mo Seok-Hee is Mo Wang-Pyo’s daughter. Pic credit: Maeil Broadcasting Corporation (MBC)/Dramax

The truth is that Mo Seok-Hee is the daughter of former chairman Mo Wang-Pyo. That also makes her current chairman Mo Cheol-Hee’s sister. That probably is why Cheol-Hee tried to get rid of her.

This hidden family truth coming to light pushes some hidden narrative gems from previous episodes.

First, since Mo Seok-Hee is the child of the recently-deceased former chairman, she is far more eligible to become the chairperson of MC Group over any of Chairman Mo’s children.

The second point is in favor of Seok-Hee, as Mo Wang-Pyo has denied his son for continually failing. Instead, he put the future of MC Group on his “granddaughter,” Mo Seok-Hee.

In short, Mo Seok-Hee is the true heir to MC Group by birthright and by the decision her father made.

The finale is expected to end the series in a big way

With the news about Mo Seok-Hee and Mo Cheol-Hee being siblings, the penultimate and final episodes are expected to rake in high viewership numbers.

Right now, the K-drama is averaging around seven percent viewership for both Seoul and the nation of Korea, according to AGB Nielsen Korea.

As for international streaming, specifically in the Americas, Graceful Family is currently the most popular show on their service. It is averaging 9.6 out of 10 stars from an average of almost 2,000 ratings.

The penultimate and final episodes air this week on Wednesday and Thursday, October 16 and 17, at 11 p.m. KST on the Maeil Broadcasting Network (MBN) and Dramax.

For international viewers in the Americas, it is free to watch, with ads, on Rakuten Viki.

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