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Graceful Family: Mo Seok-Hee needs ‘The Family’ if she is going to overthrow Han Je-Kook and Mo Cheol-Hee [Spoilers]

Graceful Family -- Whole Family -- Featured
Im Soo-Hyang, Lee Jang-Woo, and Bae Jong-Ok have a fantastic supporting cast. Pic credit: MBN/Dramax

Graceful Family just reached its mid-series point and it looks like Mo Seok-Hee (Im Soo-Hyang) is back to square one in her plans. Things were going well as she was supported by her grandfather and CEO of MC Group, Mo Wang-Pyo (Jun Gook-Hwan), in becoming the new chairwoman of MC Group. Suddenly, she loses her grandfather and his most trusted employees, leaving Heo Yoon-Do (Lee Jang-Woo) as her only ally.

Now at a disadvantage, Mo Seok-Hee can only sit back as her father, Cheol-Hee (Jung Won-Joong), and the real mastermind behind MC Group, Han Je-Gook (Bae Jong-Ok), proceed onward. In short, Cheol-Hee and Je-Gook are winning the war.

If Mo Seok-Hee wants to win her war against the masterminds in the Mo Family, who are allegedly behind the murder of her mother and exile to the United States, she will need to form new allies. Ironically, the best allies she can get are the other members of the Mo Family.

The Chairman and the King Maker

By the end of Episode 6, the death of Mo Wang-Pyo, the dismissal of Jung Yoon-Ja (Park Hyun-Suk) and Lawyer Yoon (Son Jin-Hwan), and certain shares being transferred helped Mo Cheol-Hee in becoming the new chairman of MC Group. This leaves Mo Seok-Hee in a bit of a pickle if she wants to find out the truth behind her mother’s murder as well as take over MC Group.

Mo Seok-Hee may find her allies within members of her estranged family. Though they all eat together at the same table and live under the same house, it seems each member of the Mo Family are strangers to one another. It doesn’t help out that the head of the household, Mo Cheol-Hee, is so single-sighted on becoming chairman, he doesn’t see the issues among the other members of the family. This results in some of the most ridiculous situations, such as the family having a funeral for Picasso, their pet fish. What’s even more unnerving is that Picasso received a far better funeral than the former chairman and Seok-Hee’s grandfather, Mo Wang-Pyo.

We can ascertain that the family members’ ridiculous preferences and attitudes are based on the fact their core feelings and desires are not being met. Everything is designed to benefit Chairman Mo Cheol-Hee, though it is a front to the true desires of King Maker Han Je-Gook.

The Mo Family

It appears that Mo Seok-Hee is already starting to build alliances among the other family members, as seen in the seventh episode. Along with other tidbits from previous episodes, we know what drives each family member.

  • Ha Yeong-Seo (Moon Hee-Kyung): Mo Cheol-Hee’s wife is the mother of Mo Wan-Woon (Kim Jin-Woo), the first-in-line to MC Group. Apparently, she wants to control and run MC Group precariously through her son. She has a strong enough will to do things on her own. Mo Seok-Hee might earn her as an ally by giving her a prominent position in MC Group where she is “no longer a prisoner standing on ice” (a reference to a specific scene on how she feels living in the Mo Family household).
  • Mo Wan-Woon (Kim Jin-Woo): The first son of Mo Cheol-Hee and Ha Yeong-Seo. He is in line to become the next chairman of MC Group after his father. Apparently, he is keeping up appearances with his marriage as it seems to be a “prerequisite” in becoming a chairman. Wan-Woon has expressed he has other ambitions for his mother. If Mo Seok-Hee finds out and helps in said ambitions, he may help her in her endeavor.
  • Baek Soo-Jin (Gong Hyun-Joo): The wife of Mo Wan-Woon. She feels like a prisoner as she is in a contractual marriage to keep up appearances for MC Group. There are signs she wants love in her marriage. If Mo Seok-Hee is able to help her and Wan-Woon’s marriage “spark,” Soo-Jin may support her.
  • Mo Wan-Soo (Lee Kyu-Han): The second son of Mo Cheol-Hee and Ha Yeong-Seo. He is a director who makes movies. He is hardly supported by his father as Cheol-Hee shows no interest yet throws him money every now and then. Mo Seok-Hee seems to have a “better” familial relationship with Wan-Soo and may have him as an ally if she does more than “throw money” for his projects. Maybe if she invests more in his career.
  • Choi Na-Ri (Oh Seung-Eun): The “third woman” of Mo Cheol-Hee. They both have a song named Mo Seo-Jin (Jeon Jin-Seo). She is a popular actress and only wants the best for her son. Mo Seok-Hee needs to invest in Na-Ri’s son, her brother, to earn her as an ally.
  • Mo Seo-Jin (Jeon Jin-Seo): The youngest son of Mo Cheol-Hee and only son of Choi Na-Ri. Apparently, Mo Seok-Hee has the “best familial relationship” with her youngest brother. If she really wants him as an ally, she needs to invest in helping Na-Ri be recognized as a member of the Mo Family. It is possible that his parents are not who they seem to be.

Individually, each member of the Mo Family may not seem like a threat to Mo Cheol-Hee and Han Je-Gook. They all have their shares in MC Group, which, in turn, gives them managing power in accordance to how much stock they have. In the seventh episode, we see Cheol-Hee trying to have his other children, besides Mo Wan-Woon, waive said management power. Fortunately for Mo Seok-Hee, they all disagreed to sign.

If Mo Seok-Hee is able to get the majority stock though the other members of the Mo Family, she will also have an opportunity to become chairwoman of MC Group.

We will have to wait and see what Mo Seok-Hee does if she wants to carry out her plans. Graceful Family airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 11 p.m. KST on Maeil Broadcasting Network (MBN) and Dramax.

For international audiences interested in watching the series and do not have access to Korean networks, Graceful Family is available to watch on Rakuten Viki for free.

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