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Graceful Family becomes highest-rated K-Drama to air on MBN, finale hints at second season [Spoilers]

Graceful Family cast Im Soo-Hyang (My ID is Gangnam Beauty), Bae Jong-Ok (Designated Survivor: 60 Days), and Lee Jang-Woo (My Only One)
Graceful Family was a K-drama airing on MBC. It starred, from right to left, Im Soo-Hyang (My ID is Gangnam Beauty), Bae Jong-Ok (Designated Survivor: 60 Days), and Lee Jang-Woo (My Only One). Pic credit: Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC)/Dramax

When the Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) and Dramax announced their next K-drama was Graceful Family, both local and international fans took the series in stride.

In the past, MBC and Dramax have delivered numerous K-dramas mired by controversies such as Devilish Joy and Fluttering Love. However, some of their K-dramas have aired without any issues, such as Where Stars Land and Level Up, were somewhat ignored.

The problems MBC and Dramax had with their K-dramas seem to follow them with each new series they released until Graceful Family. The mystery suspense K-drama starring Im Soo-Hyang (My ID is Gangnam Beauty), Lee Jang-Woo (My Only One), and Bae Jong-Ok (Designated Survivor: 60 Days) was so good, it has become the highest-rated K-drama ever released by the MBC and Dramax. Maybe that is why the finale hinted at a second season.

Becoming a hit out of nowhere!

Graceful Family became a hit a little passed their mid-series point. When the K-drama made its debut, the first episode scored a meager 2.7 percent in viewership ratings for the nation according to AGB Nielsen Korea. Ratings steadily climbed as the series progressed but it experienced a huge jump in viewership by two percent in its 11th episode.

Apparently, that was considered an accomplishment as MBN and Dramax were only aiming at a viewership rating maximum of five percent. Their accomplishment will be rewarded as the cast and crew are set to enjoy a reward vacation after the series concludes. They will be traveling to Nha Trang, Vietnam from Monday, October 21, 2019, to Friday, October 25, 2019.

By Graceful Family’s conclusion, the highest viewership ratings recorded were 8.478 percent for the nation (Episode 16) and 8.405 percent for Seoul (Episode 15). These ratings also officially make Graceful Family the highest-rated K-drama to ever air on MBN and Dramax.

Secret ending hints at a second season [Spoilers]

With Graceful Family earning such accolades during its run, it is no wonder why MBN and Dramax are hinting at a second season for the series. We will do our best not to spoil any major spoilers from the last two episodes (such as who killed Mo Seok-Hee’s mother), but we will be spoiling the secret ending scene at the end of episode 16.

Without giving away all the details, Director Han Je-Gook does go to prison for her role in the situation pertaining to Mo Seok-Hee’s mother. After all the people, primarily the Mo Family and Je-Gook, receive their due punishments, Seok-Hee takes over the Mo Family and MC Group. Two years go by and it shows everyone involved in uncovering the truth are living a happy ending.

Unbeknownst to them, Director Han Je-Gook is released from prison to be met by her TOP Team associates. They all take a bow as she represents the return of the “Kingmaker.” They all get in vehicles and drive off with dangerous-sounding music playing in the background.

Director Han and TOP
Director Han is greeted by the former members of TOP after she is released from prison. Image Credit: Screen Capture of Episode 16 of Graceful Family

The secret ending possibly hints that MBN and Dramax will have a second season of Graceful Family sometime in the future. However, that is just one possible interpretation and fans may just have to take the ending as is. Either way, it is an excellent cliffhanger to leave Graceful Family on as it will build hype for any potential second season if production decides to pull the trigger on it.

Graceful Family has officially concluded and will no longer air on MBC and Dramax. Its time slot will be occupied by an upcoming K-drama that has yet to be announced.

For international audiences especially those living in the Americas, the entire Graceful Family series is available to watch online for free, with ads, on Rakuten Viki.

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