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Erika Karata: K-Drama Arthdal Chronicles star apologizes for affair scandal with Higashide Masahiro

Erika Karata in Arthdal Chronicles
Erika Karata poses as Karika, the head of the Momo Tribe in the K-drama Arthdal Chronicles. Pic credit: Total Variety Network (tvN)

In the latter half of the last decade, Erika Karata started to garner popularity as a Japanese actress.

Beginning as a model in the music video Divine by Girls’ Generation, Karata has grown in her career, starring in numerous J-dramas and movies, including her well-known role as Asako Izumiya in last year’s film, Asako I & II.

In 2019, Erika Karata’s career went overseas as she picked up a minor role in the popular K-drama Arthdal Chronicles. In the series spearheaded by leads Jang Dong-Gun and Song Joong-Ki, she played Karika, the head of the Momo Tribe.

Though the part is technically small compared to the whole of Arthdal Chronicles, it was Karata’s start in the Korean film industry.

Unfortunately, Erika Karata’s career may be in jeopardy. Reportedly, rumors spread that she had an affair with Higashide Masahiro. To further prevent any more damage to herself and those around her, she apologized publicly for the affair scandal.

It may have been too little too late though, as it is now reported that Karata has closed her social media accounts and dropped out of her next drama.

BH Entertainment apologizes on behalf of Erika Karata

Earlier this week, on January 23, 2020, BH Entertainment — the Korean entertainment agency representing Erika Karata for all her activities in Korea — issued an apology on behalf of the actress for the rumors of her affair with Higashide Masahiro.

They provided the following statement to the public:

“First, we would like to say that we are truly sorry to have worried so many people with this news about Erika Karata. [She] regrets her actions and is currently reflecting [on the issue]. We bow our heads in apology to families, fans, and all those concerned who have been deeply hurt by this incident. Once again, we apologize.”

As for Higashide Masahiro, it was reported the day before Erika Karata’s apology that he and his wife Anna Watanabe were living apart because of his affair with Karata.

Masahiro’s agency came forward to confirm that most of the rumors were true and that it was Masahiro’s “foolishness and lack of responsibility” that caused the issue.

Too little, too late for Erika Karata for now

Even though Erika Karata and Higashide Masahiro admitted to their faults and apologized for their wrong-doing, it may be too little, too late for the former for now.

After news of Higashide Masahiro and Anna Watanabe’s home life was made public, the backlash against Erika Karata increased. This caused her to do two things, either for safety or a continuation of her reflection and repentance.

First, Erika Karata closed her official website and Instagram account. Anyone who tries to access Karata’s website is taken to a page that states, “the page does not exist.” As for her Instagram, it can no longer be found.

Secondly, Erika Karata has dropped out of her next drama. She was to star in a TV Tokyo drama, but that is no longer the case as she will now “refrain from performing.”

As for Erika Karata’s role in the Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) J-drama Prayers in the Emergency Room, she will no longer appear on the series with all her scenes cut out and new footage being shot.

There is no word if she will appear in Nippon Hōsō Kyōkai (NHK) series, Goldfish Princess, which starts airing in March 2020.

Let’s hope that Erika Karata (and Higashide Masahiro) can bounce back from this situation. Even though their personal life has no say on them being good actors, the fact they are stars means everyone accounts for everything they do in association with their careers.

Until Erika Karata makes a return to acting, viewers can see how she did in Arthdal Chronicles, which is currently only available on Netflix. Take note viewers will need a subscription to the streaming service to watch the K-drama.

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