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Ejay Falcon and Lauren Young guest star in Where Stars Land: Will more Pinoy actors be in K-Dramas?

Ejay Falcon and Lauren Young
Filipino stars Ejay Falcon and Lauren Young at the airport. Pic Credit: ABS-CBN

Popular Pinoy film and television stars Ejay Falcon and Lauren Young made their first appearance in a K-drama. They guest starred in two episodes of the currently-airing K-drama, Where Stars Land.

News of Ejay Falcon and Lauren Young appearing in Where Stars Land were first reported last month. According to the Philippine Entertainment Portal (PEP), they were selected to guest on the K-drama. It wasn’t explained how or why they were selected, but it was posed a great opportunity for them as they are reportedly the first Filipino actors to ever appear in a significant role for a K-drama.

Both Ejay Falcon and Lauren Young kept fans posted on their role in Where Stars Land through their official Instagram accounts. This includes Falcon meeting Chae Soo-bin (I’m Not a Robot), the female lead of Where Stars Land.

Ejay Falcon and Lauren Young were guest stars on the seventh and eighth episodes of Where Stars Land. Falcon plays Ian Santos, a Filipino who is trying to enter South Korea with a forged passport to be with his wife, played by Young, while she gives birth. At the airport’s Immigration Office, he is caught using the forged passport and is to be sent back to the Philippines immediately. His wife however is doing all she can to delay the birth as she wants him to be with her to see their baby.

Will there be more Filipino stars in K-dramas?

At this moment, it is unclear if there will be more Filipino stars in upcoming K-dramas as Ejay Falcon and Lauren Young being on Where Stars Land was reportedly a “selection.” There is no news on the details of said “selection” but if it was to pick which Filipino actors should appear in a K-drama, they were a good choice.

The thing is K-dramas have grown exponentially in popularity in the Philippines. Just like K-drama fans elsewhere, they are attracted to the unique concepts and phenomenal direction South Koreans have mastered with their dramas. It isn’t the same cookie-cutter presentation that a country’s dramas will use just because “it works.” They have variety and a storytelling ability that hooks viewers in.

As a matter of fact, Filipino entertainment media is doing their best to detail why Filipinos are falling in love with K-dramas. It is usually the same reasons why K-drama fans around the world fall in love with them in the first place. Attractive actors, unpredictable storylines, open-and close plots, family-friendly themes (with some PG-13 rated themes such as K-dramas on the Orion Cinema Network), faster pacing (16 to 20 episodes long compared to 80 to 100 episodes), and its link to Hallyu (original soundtrack, utilizing K-pop stars as actors, etc.).

Where Stars Land is currently airing on the Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) on Mondays and Tuesdays at 10 p.m. KST. For international fans, it is available to watch exclusively on Rakuten Viki. The first two episodes are free. Subsequent episodes are available only to Viki Pass Standard members.

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