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Eccentric! Chef Moon premiere: Eric of Shinhwa and Go Won-Hee ease their chaotic housemate romance with food therapy

Eccentric! Chef Moon poster
Eric of Shinhwa and Go Won-Hee lead an eclectic cast for Eccentric! Chef Moon. Pic credit: Channel A

During the 2019-20 winter season of K-dramas, Channel A did its best to enter into the Korean small screen industry with a unique series centered on the cosmetic industry, Touch.

Starring Joo Sang-Wook and Kim Bo-Ra, the series enticed viewers as the series broke numerous tropes often seen in K-dramas.

Now Channel A wants to continue with their push into Korean television with their newest K-drama, Eccentric! Chef Moon.

Starring Eric of K-pop boy group Shinhwa and Go Won-Hee, the two will try to entice viewers with their chaotic housemate romance eased by food therapy.

An eccentric chef and a vicious fashion designer

Eccentric! Chef Moon — also known as Yoobyeolna! Chef Moon and Unique! Chef Moon — is about a chef who lost his way and a fashion designer with amnesia, living in the same house.

Moon Seung-Mo (Eric [Mun] of Shinhwa) was a famous chef and the only son of the 80-year-old traditional Korean “pungcheonok” pork soup restaurant.

He is responsible for the fine Korean cuisine dining boom through pop-up restaurants and is well-known for cooking with organic ingredients.

Unfortunately for Moon Seung-Mo, his parents, who run the pork soup restaurant, suddenly die in a fire.

Slowly becoming depressed, he moves to Seoha Village, a quaint town away from the hustle and bustle of his former life.

On the other hand, Yoo Yoo-Jin (Go Won-Hee), who is also known as Bella Yoo, is a famous fashion designer. During an incident, she loses her memory while passing through Seoha Village.

Ironically, she ends up moving into the same house as Moon Seung-Mo. Her memory loss resulted in a sudden change in her behavior and attitude too.

In short, Moon Seung-Mo’s life has suddenly become very chaotic with Yoo Yoo-Jin now living with him as she is now known as “Yoobyeolna,” which translates to unique or oddball, among the local villagers for her behavior and attitude.

Important points to look for in Eccentric! Chef Moon

Just like with Touch, Channel A made sure to provide certain themes to look forward to when watching the premier of Eccentric! Chef Moon.

However, the two points that really push its uniqueness is being visually pleasing and food therapy.

Starting with the first point, since Moon Seung-Mo is a chef and Yoo Yoo-Jin is a fashion designer, the K-drama hopes to utilize both food and fashion to please audiences visually.

It should be noted that K-dramas in the past have used either food (such as the Let’s Eat Trilogy) or fashion as a visual aesthetic in their series.

With Eccentric! Chef Moon, it is probably the first time a K-drama uses both.

Also, food therapy will be utilized as each episode features a unique meal that provides “therapy through food.” Keeping in character with Moon Seung-Mo, the food will utilize organic ingredients and clean cooking.

Eccentric! Chef Moon just aired its premiere episodes, and though those who watched the K-drama were enticed, the viewership was still low. According to AGB Nielsen Korea, the first episode earned only 0.9 percent viewership for the nation of Korea.

Internationally, specifically in the Americas via Rakuten Viki, Eccentric! Chef Moon is nowhere near the top 50 despite being a fresh, new K-drama.

As a matter of fact, several older K-dramas beat it in viewership.

Ultimately, it will take some time for Eccentric! Chef Moon, as well as Channel A, to be a contender among the free-to-watch and established pay Korean networks who’ve been pushing through Hallyu for years.

Eccentric! Chef Moon will air subsequent episodes on Fridays and Saturdays at 11 p.m. KST, on Channel A up to a planned 16 episodes.

For international viewers specifically in the Americas, the K-drama is available to watch on Rakuten Viki.

Viewers can watch the first two episodes for free, but subsequent episodes will require a Viki Plus membership.

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