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Dr. Romantic 2 upcoming finale: Is SBS setting up a bromance between Master Kim and Director Park?

Kim Joo-Hun as Director Park Min-Gook
Kim Joo-Hun plays Director Park Min-Gook in Dr. Romantic 2. This is from episode 8 in which he observes a metro bus crash near the end of the episode. Pic credit: SBS TV 

The penultimate and final episodes of Dr. Romantic 2 (Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2) are coming up fast and there are a lot of situations that need resolution. Over the course of the K-drama, it seems that everything is stacking up against Master Kim (Han Suk-Kyu) and the rest of Doldam Hospital.

At the moment, the medical conflict that threatens the residents of Doldam Hospital, which may be the medical conflict that concludes the season, is the former director Yeo Woon-Young’s (Kim Hong-Fa) health. We will find out if Master Kim and the rest of Doldam Hospital can save him.

However, over the course of the season, Do Yoon-Wan has been the conflict. Since the first season, Do Yoon-Wan (Choi Jin-Ho) has been a thorn in the side of Master Kim and Doldam Hospital.

Throughout the second season, he continues to be that same thorn but by threatening the very existence of Doldam Hospital itself with the help of his “right-hand man” in Doldam Hospital, the new director, Park Min-Gook (Kim Joo-Hun).

As the season progressed, however, viewers realized that Director Park isn’t as bad as we thought he would be. And with all the events that have transpired over the course of the season, one must ask if the Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) is setting up a bromance of some kind between Master Kim and Director Park? If so, is this a sign they are vested in subsequent seasons?

Teacher Kim’s third student

One of the plot points of both seasons of Dr. Romantic is that Teacher Kim teaches two up-and-coming doctors the ways of being a doctor and romance. By doing so, the doctors under his wing become better versions of themselves which in turn is better for patients in their care.

In the first season, Teacher Kim taught this to Kang Dong-Joo (Yoo Yeon-Seok) and Yoon Seo-Jung (Seo Hyun-Jin). In the second season, he is currently teaching Cha Eun-Jae (Lee Sung-Kyung) and Seo Woo-Jin (Ahn Hyo-Seop).

What if in the second season, Master Kim actually has three students, not two? That seems to be the case as the third student is actually Director Park.

Through the season’s run, we learn that Director Park was actually a doctor who believed in saving lives just like Master Kim. However, when he and Master Kim were involved in a metro bus crash three years ago, Master Kim stayed behind in the dangerous metro bus to help the injured while Director Park, who was just a surgeon doctor just like Master Kim, ran off.

Master Kim trying to save person in crashed bus
Both Master Kim and Director Park were on the same metro bus when it crashed. Director Park watched Master Kim stay behind, and even get injured, helping those who needed help. He, however, ran off to save himself. Pic credit: SBS TV

Since then, Director Park has considered that moment as Master Kim mocking him, attacking his pride. This is untrue though as Master Kim saves lives because he is passionate about saving people, not just for money. Director Park took Master Kim’s passion as a mocking insult which was further enforced by Do Yoon-Wan.

Throughout the second season, we have seen Master Kim and Director Park butt heads, but we’ve also seen Master Kim slowly and surely help Director Park in becoming the best doctor he can be. If Master Kim succeeds, Doldam Hospital will have an amazing person, both a doctor and a director, taking the helm.

Bromance in the making

Probably the one thing about Master Kim everyone likes is his romantic passion. It burns like a fire and unextinguishable. However, it can be too much and overbearing which may result in everything burning down. Thankfully, he has a crew who are cool enough to at least keep up with him.

But what if there was just one person who can be the opposite of Master Kim. Director Park is very cool, calm, collected, and rational. A lot of his decisions were made out of fear and hurt pride.

But what if he made decisions out of strength and the desire to save people. Alongside Master Kim’s romantic passion and drive, Doldam Hospital could become a medical force that will amaze all.

Such a direction would also be great for any subsequent seasons of Dr. Romantic if SBS wanted to do them. There is so much possibility with a third season in which a “Romantic Doctor” and “Serious Director” who both want to save lives were in the same small hospital. Viewers will see amazing things happen in the emergency room but they’ll see some epic drama between the two too.

Until the penultimate and final episodes air, we can only imagine what direction the Dr. Romantic series will go or if it will even have any more seasons after this one. However, if SBS does form a bromance between Master Kim and Director Park, it will be quite entertaining to see what comes of it.

Dr. Romantic 2 will air its penultimate and final episodes respectively on Monday and Tuesday, February 24 and 25, 2020 at 10 p.m. KST, on SBS. For international viewers, the K-drama is available on Kocowa and Rakuten Viki. Take note viewers will need a paid subscription to watch on Kocowa and a Viki Plus subscription on Rakuten Viki.

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