Dr. Romantic 2: Second season of popular SBS K-Drama to center on war between Teacher Kim (Han Suk-Kyu) and Do Yoon-Wan (Choi Jin-Ho)

Han Suk-Kyu character promo poster for Dr. Romantic 2
Han Suk-Kyu returns as Teacher Kim in Dr. Romantic 2. Pic credit: Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS)

Dr. Romantic 2 (낭만닥터 김사부 2) — also known as Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2, and Romantic Doctor 2 — is four episodes in and is already one of the most popular K-dramas this season.

Living up to the hype, Dr. Romantic 2 is dominating as it is far more popular than any other K-dramas airing this season and earning viewership records, surpassing even the first season, both domestically and internationally.

Though Dr. Romantic 2 is doing well, the series won’t keep it up if it turns out the second season is a duplicate of the first. Look at video game sequels and subsequent seasons of other television shows. Those that “copied” their predecessors are often met with negative feedback.

Thankfully, Dr. Romantic 2 seems to be concentrating on a new conflict. This season, viewers might see a war between Teacher Kim (Han Suk-Kyu) and Do Yoon-Wan (Choi Jin-Ho).

Integrity vs. Corruption

Firstly, the war between Teacher Kim and Do Yoon-Wan started in the first season of Dr. Romantic. Viewers learned that both doctors were colleagues at Geodae Hospital.

However, an incident happened that forced Teacher Kim to “exile himself” to Doldam Hospital while Yoon-Wan remained at Geodae Hospital.

As time passed, Do Yoon-Wan was able to corruptly politicize his position to climb up Geodae Institute’s corporate ladder. He eventually became the director of Geodae Hospital. On the other hand, Teacher Kim faded into obscurity at Doldam Hospital.

After the events of the first season, Doldam Hospital is getting support from Geodae Hospital, and Teacher Kim somewhat cleared his name from the incident that happened in his past.

This conflict between Teacher Kim and Do Yoon-Wan was secondary in the first season of Dr. Romantic.

However, the primary conflict was Teacher Kim teaching his students, Kang Dong-Joo (Yoo Yeon-Seok) and Yoon Seo-Jung (Seo Hyun-Jin), about both being doctors and romance, which befits the title of the series.

From a squabble to war

In the first season, the conflict between Teacher Kim and Do Yoon-Wan was more of a bickering fight between two individuals. In the second season, that fight potentially evolved into a war.

The primary reason is that Do Yoon-Wan became the chairman of the Great Foundation, the parent company of both Geodae and Doldam Hospitals.

After the outcome of the first season, Yoon-Wan is likely jealous of Teacher Kim and will do anything to thwart him.

WARNING: Spoilers for episodes two and three!

In the second episode, the Korean military is escorting the Korean Minister of Defense. The officer driving the vehicle escorting the minister suddenly falls unconscious.

The minister and the officer in the passenger’s seat notice the situation, and the latter tries to stop the vehicle. Unfortunately, the escort vehicle crashes, and both the minister and the officer in the passenger seat sustain injuries.

By happenstance (or by sheer fate as fans learned from the first season), Doldam Hospital is nearby, and the rest of the military escort transports the Minister of Defense and officer to the hospital. After accessing the situation,

Teacher Kim concludes the Minister of Military needs emergency surgery due to massive internal bleeding. With his surgery team, Teacher Kim stops the internal bleeding.

He also intends to do a second surgery to repair the damage to the minister’s internal organs.

The situation with the minister is what Do Yoon-Wan needs to execute his win-win.

After learning about the accident and that Teacher Kim completed the first surgery, he sends a hand-picked surgeon, Park Min-Kook (Kim Joo-Hun), to Doldam Hospital to take over as primary physician for the minister.

This means Min-Kook will responsible for the surgery.

To further implement his plan, Do Yoon-Wan gives a tip to news media about the situation with the minister. Numerous news reporters and camera teams show up at Doldam Hospital wanting a scoop on the situation.

The media will help spread whatever story Do Yoon-Wan wants.

They will take any news to deliver the exclusive scoop to their viewers, whether it is a doctor miraculously saving the minister from the brink of death or a crazy doctor using shoddy surgery tactics that cost the minister his life.

If Min-Kook fails, Yoon-Wan can blame Teacher Kim and his unique surgery skills for the minister’s death.

K-drama fans are sure that Teacher Kim has an ace up his sleeve and will walk away from this situation with his head held high. However, Do Yoon-Wan’s win-win plan is happening in the second episode of Dr. Romantic 2.

We have 14 more episodes to go. If this plan doesn’t work, who knows what else Yoon-Wan will think up to thwart Teacher Kim.

Dr. Romantic 2 will air subsequent episodes on Mondays and Tuesdays at 9:40 p.m. KST on SBS for a planned number of 16 episodes.

For international fans living in the Americas, the K-drama is available for free, with ads, only on Rakuten Viki.

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